A PowerPoint add-in to quickly find the slides your team is looking for

 An important part of the presentation creation process is leveraging previously created slides to build upon existing content.  It helps increase knowledge sharing and generally ensures that presentations improve and become more impactful over time.  Typically, organizations have large repositories of presentations with critical slides that might include product data, great visuals, and well thought-out communication.  To leverage this content, team members need to able to effectively access specific slides that are pertinent to the specific presentation/story they are trying to put together.


However, this can often be extremely tedious as finding a specific slide or visual requires painfully searching and digging through several presentations or waiting for colleagues to respond to email requests. For large organizations this becomes an even more prominent issue as their repository of slides grows to become unmanageable.


We recently found TeamSlide, a slide library solution that keeps PowerPoint content at your fingertips.  TeamSlide helps you quickly find the specific PowerPoint slide, image or chart you are looking for:

  1. Easy access to slides – TeamSlide tightly integrates with PowerPoint allowing you to find and share slides without ever having to leave PowerPoint
  2. Always up-to-date – TeamSlide enables you to automatically update old slides with just a few clicks
  3. Simple and safe – In the cloud or on your premise, TeamSlide works within your IT and security frameworks

TeamSlide is a premier slide management offering and may be a good fit for your organization.  Request a free trial to explore how your team can better share content and improve productivity.

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