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7 Things We LOVE About Prezi

For the past 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing team of graphic designers (who we affectionately call the Presentation Geeks) to create amazing Prezi and PowerPoint presentations for people across every industry you could imagine (and some you probably couldn’t). Regardless of the presentation type, purpose, and audience, there is […]

A PowerPoint add-in to quickly find the slides your team is looking for

A PowerPoint add-in to quickly find the slides your team is looking for  An important part of the presentation creation process is leveraging previously created slides to build upon existing content.  It helps increase knowledge sharing and generally ensures that presentations improve and become more impactful over time.  Typically, organizations have large repositories of presentations […]

Dynamic Business Presentations in Five Easy Steps

Dynamic Business Presentations in Five Easy Steps: Many of our clients come to us looking for tips on how to improve the success of their corporate presentations, and fast. While there’s a lot of advice out there, some of it good, some of it bad, some of it unmentionably atrocious, the good news is that […]

How We Find our Professional Designers

Finding a Professional Designer We hire presentation designers on a regular basis to help our company, presentationgeeks.com deliver really  important presentations.  We’ve hired some good designers, and some not so good designers, but we’ve learned a lot about what to look for. Here are the 5 questions we ask every prospective designer: 1. What can […]

Ask A Presentation Expert: How A Talent Consultant Makes Her Presentations Successful — Prezi Blog

Roberta Matuson is a sought-after presenter on leadership and business topics. Known as “The Talent Maximizer,” she is best known for her consulting expertise on the topic of talent in the workplace and has written many books on the subject including Talent Magnetism: How to Build a Workplace That Attracts and Keeps the Best. Here, she discusses […]

Prezi Tips

Do you need a few tips to get started putting together a cool Prezi for your next big presentation? If you do, you are not alone. No matter what your skill level we can all do with a few new tips to help design a cool Prezi.  Check out some of the useful Prezi Tips […]

Best Prezis of 2014

A Ferrari?  Vacation on an Indonesian Beach? Nope. Nothing makes a Presentation Geek drool more than a beautiful Prezi.  Prezi.com recently awarded it’s top Prezis of 2014 and there’s some great ones this year.  Presentation design is an art and some of these ones should be hanging in a digital gallery.  We don’t see these as […]

Prezi Causes

Presentation Geeks heard about Prezi’s new initiative called “Prezi Causes” and we LOVE IT.  Such a great way to give back   ABOUT PREZI CAUSES Our new email campaign, Prezi Causes, will highlight some of the biggest problems facing the world today, and how you can be part of the solution without ever leaving your […]