E-Learning For Adults

Learning is a lifelong pursuit, and many adults are becoming students again; adults that want to further their education, be promoted, or learn new technology are going back to school online. Yet, almost every adult learner complains that their program is not interactive or engaging enough.

Teachers, organizations, and schools should incorporate professional e-learning solutions into their programs to create the best experience for their online students.

History of Motion Graphics

While “motion graphics” is a term coined relatively recently, the art form dates back surprisingly far, before electronic media was even invented. How is this possible? Well, motion graphics refers to any use of technology to create an illusion of motion, with the express purpose of communicating a specific message.

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Custom E-Learning Solutions

Custom E-Learning Solutions E-Learning software development has propelled job training and education into a world class experience. Though many of these platforms have existed for over a decade, the pandemic has increased their level of use and sophistication by a significant amount. Often, you already have the content on hand in training documents, Powerpoints, videos…

What Is The Difference Between Whiteboard Animation And An Animated Video?

Life in the internet age means that video presentations are becoming more and more popular. Explainer videos are short, easy-to-make, and engaging methods of introducing information to both auditory and visual learners. In the marketing business, two main types of animated videos have become widespread tools for meetings, training, and more, in both business and educational settings: animated videos, and whiteboard animation videos.

Corporate E-Learning Solutions

There are many training solutions if you offer or invest in online training or mobile learning. eLearning courses have grown exponentially over the past year and will continue to grow in the future. Online courses are often very convenient since we are maintaining physical distance.

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The Benefits Of E-Learning: A Smarter Way Of Teaching

Not only has technology revolutionized our lives, but it’s also changed how education and training happens. E-learning is rapidly replacing traditional methods due to its numerous advantages. Some of the many benefits of e-learning include unlimited access to resources, flexibility, and accessibility. Whether you’re a student or a business/organization owner, there are many reasons to choose e-learning for your next course.

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What Is A Pitch Deck?

Having pitch deck templates that can make it simpler for you to present your business model to other stakeholders and also helps with fundraising initiatives for startups. The visual component of a successful pitch deck presentation will impress your audience and allow your team to achieve their professional goals.
So what is a pitch deck?

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How Many Slides Should a Pitch Deck Be?

A pitch deck is an important part of any business model. It is a detailed presentation on who you are, the message you are trying to convey, and a value proposition to your audience. But keeping your audience engaged can be difficult, especially if you use too many slides. In this article, we will help you determine how you can make the perfect pitch deck for your startup from the number of slides you should include to its format.