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COVID-19: e-Solutions

"Business as usual" is, unfortunately, no longer a moniker we all adhere to.  By now we are all aware of the severity of COVID-19, and we are mentally exhausted from the anxiety it is causing.  We worker working from homeunderstand that even in the midst of a pandemic, it is imperitive the economy continues and companies adapt in order to survive.

we are mentally exhausted from the anxiety it is causing

As companies shift towards a work-from-home model we wanted to let you know that Presentation Geeks is positioned to support you.  Our team of Presentation Design Experts and speakers have the experience to help adapt your current strategies to those that will flourish in a strictly on-line capacity.  Whether this be remote presentation training, converting presentations to online versions, or even developing e-learning solutions, we are here to help you.

Some of the solutions that we are currently building for other customers include:
Online Training:
Shifting essential courses traditionally delivered face to face into an online format
Upgrading existing Powerpoint & Prezi Presentations:
Allow salespeople to connect with customers remotely
Converting Print Media into a Digital Format:
Including brochures, flyers, explainer videos, and more
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