Finding a Professional Designer

We hire presentation designers on a regular basis to help our company, deliver really  important presentations.  We've hired some good designers, and some not so good designers, but we've learned a lot about what to look for.

Here are the 5 questions we ask every prospective designer:

1. What can you tell me about my presentation topic?

Make sure that your designer can fully understand and confidently explain the premiss of your topic. Comprehension during the design phase saves time and money, and also allows the designer to help you find an inspiring way to represent your idea.

2. What are the last 3 projects you worked on?

The best predictor or the future is the past. Find out if your designer is developing presentations in your space. Although some clients insist on confidentiality, a great designer has a fan club of clients that are happy to provide testimonials

3. Tell us about your design process?

Behind every great service is an even better system. Your designer should be able to explain how they estimate your project, attack the creative process, collaborate, and edit your project.

4. What design skills are in your arsenal?

The secret to amazing presentations include combining graphic design, video production, graphic animation, and lots of creativity. Make sure your designers are fluent in photoshop, illustrator, after effects, sound and video production.

5. How do you support the client once the presentation is complete?

Make sure that you are getting all of the information and support needed to go along with your amazing presentation. Make sure your designer is on your side even after they deliver the goods. There can often be tech questions and last minute tweaks needed right up to the minute before your presentation. Remove much of the stress by ensuring ongoing support.

These are the questions we ask any designer that wants to work with the presentation geeks to ensure that they have the skills and qualities required to support our customers.

Best of luck with your presentation designer hunt, and feel free to check for more tips and how to videos.

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