5 Second PowerPoint Handouts


So... you've created an awesome presentation, you've practised your delivery, and the presentation date is just around the corner. If the last thing on your checklist is to create a presentation handout, this post is for you!


Step 1 - File > Print

To access the handout menu, click File > Print

Step 2 - Click Show Details

What makes creating a handout tricky for most people, is remembering to click the "Show Details" button. Clicking the Show Details button will unlock a bunch of new options, including creating handouts.

Step 3 - Layout > Slides

The next step is to choose how many slides you would like per page. We typically choose 3 slides per page allowing for room for notes, and doodles.

Step 4 - Save as PDF

The final step in your journey is to click the PDF button, and select Save as PDF.
That's it! A PowerPoint Handout in 5 seconds. Hopefully, this helps you remember the steps for creating a handout the next time you have a big presentation coming up.

If you need a little help or require further customization, such as a personalized cover, full-page charts, or a customized infographic, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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