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How to Get Design Ideas on Powerpoint

When you’re building a PowerPoint presentation: naturally, you want the presentation to stand out from the rest and capture the attention of your audience with your design ideas. To do so, you’ll need a striking presentation design to display your content in an interesting, attractive manner. For your presentation to come to fruition, we need to put on the "designer hat" because stellar design ideas are key.
Amazing design ideas for PowerPoint won’t appear out of thin air. That’s why we’ve gathered up these five reliable strategies for you to get design ideas in PowerPoint. Let’s put an end to generic design presentations and start making PowerPoints that truly pop!

1. Build From Pre-Existing PowerPoint Templates to get your design ideas out!

If you are fairly new or it is your first time using Office 365 Powerpoint, and you are not a Powerpoint designer, It would be best to make sure you review the pre-existing templates, they are, without a doubt, the quickest and easiest method for getting design ideas in PowerPoint. These templates aren’t the most innovative design options out there, they can serve as excellent design suggestions, that can automatically turn on the designer creative juices and get the design ideas following. No one starts out as a designer in PowerPoint: pre-existing templates can help you gain the perspective that you need to become a full-on presentation designer.
PowerPoiunt 365 Built in Templates
Before you start sifting through PowerPoint templates, you will need to keep in mind that there are two main template types: slide layouts and master slide layouts. A slide layout is a term that PowerPoint uses for a template for just one slide. A template for an entire presentation is called a master slide layout.

Silde Master Screen Shot

Slide Master in Office PowerPoint 3

Look through the preset PowerPoint templates will automatically show you what design suggestions looks good as far as colour scheme, text size, text placement, image placement, and other factors that affect the overall design of the slides. Keep in mind that you don’t have to keep these templates exactly the same you can use them to use as design ideas or first time starting point - you can edit them for a more custom design.
Edit Templates For Unique Design Ideas in PowerPoint
You can make all sorts of edits to pre-existing Office PowerPoint templates select under the “View” tab, which gives you access to PowerPoint’s full scope of editing tools. To add elements to a design template, first select “View”, then select and click “Slide Master” in the dropdown menu or the button on the ribbon. Then select the "themes" tab to the right and select the template you want to use. From here, you can add all sorts of design elements to the slide, including images, charts, tables, media, etc, select the "insert placeholder tab" If you’re using a master slide layout and want to change the title, footer, or background, you can do so by unchecking the designated boxes under “Master Layout” and “Background”.
While exploring pre-existing PowerPoint templates can be a great way to get a sense of what you’re looking for, don’t rely on them exclusively. Since these templates are incredibly easy to use, herds of people have already used them (and, more than that, have used them countless times before). So, be wary of the fact that a presentation built from pre-existing templates is likely to look derivative. Instead, say to yourself that you want the templates to "show me design ideas" and think about how you can use them to customise and not look the same all the other presentations.

2. Explore Design Ideas using Office 365 PowerPoint Designer

PowerPoint Designer is an ultra-useful Microsoft Office 365 feature that uses AI to recommend design ideas to PowerPoint users. Specifically, as you add content to your slides in Office 365 PowerPoint Designer works to develop design ideas to complement the content. Think of Office 365 PowerPoint Designer as your loyal sidekick in this adventure, working as your personal designer to make that presentation the best it can be, creating the best design ideas.
When you’re at square one with a presentation, and you are looking for ideas use PowerPoint designer, it is a fantastic starting point and it has an awesome selection of design ideas. If you can't find or select the PowerPoint designer, you will need to turn the "design ideas button" on. To do this you will need to select File > Options, and in General, select Automatically show me design ideas in the PowerPoint designer section and check the box. You will notice there are two checkboxes in this section. The first checkbox is "Automatically show me design ideas". Where you can ask for design suggestions at any time, select "design ideas" in the Design tab" and the second checkbox is " Automatically show me design suggestions when I create a new presentation". Powerpoint will show suggestions for your presentation deck in the designer pane when you create a new blank document. Having both of these options checked will enable you to use PowerPoint designer and generate new design ideas especially if this is your first time.
PowerPoint Designer improves slides for Microsoft Office 365 users by automatically generating design ideas to choose from, however, the first time you use the Powerpoint designer you may be asked for your permission to get design ideas. If you can not see the design ideas button, or if the design ideas button is missing from the design tab, you may need to select the Design > Design Ideas button on the ribbon. This will depend on the version of office you are running eg: Office 365 or another version of Powerpoint.
Now you are ready to rock 'n' roll and use the Powerpoint designer! Return to your slides and start typing words onto a slide, PowerPoint designer will suggest a range of design ideas using high-resolution images with corresponding theme styles and colours to bring that slide to life.
As of April 2019, PowerPoint designer hit a major milestone with one billion slides file options created since its release. With a billion slide file options, PowerPoint designer offers both variety and convenience for those wondering how they can get design ideas on PowerPoint.

3. Draw Inspiration Like a Designer from Magazines and Websites

Awesome design ideas for your Office 365 PowerPoint presentation can be found far beyond using the PowerPoint designer itself. Some of the best design ideas - from colour themes to graphic layouts to fonts and more, are found in other content mediums, namely magazines and websites. BRING ON THE DESIGN IDEAS!
Current issues of magazines are great indicators of current design trends. Nowadays, you’ll typically see clean, modern layouts with carefully selected colour schemes and thoughtfully placed graphics. If you see a magazine page or feature with a particularly pleasing design, make sure you take note of the design ideas you think you can use. Almost every designer will take note of design trends.
Using Office 365 PowerPoint see how you can use the design ideas that you have seen or select the design ideas button in Office 365 PowerPoint and select similar design ideas - Don't forget using Office 365 Powerpoint you can all use a wide range of editing tools available.
Website Design Can Inspire Your PowerPoint Design Ideas
Website design is a booming industry that encompasses countless talented, passionate designers. So, surfing the web for leading blogs and company websites can be another excellent source of PowerPoint design inspiration. Make sure to take note of the layout, font, colour scheme, and use of images that make your favourite website designs stand out.  You will soon notice all the latest designer website trends.
But it's not just website design that can help influence your design ideas in your Powerpoint design. Perhaps you're heard of LinkedIn Presentations. Learning how to design an engaging LinkedIn Presentation can help connect with your audience in a more visual and engaging way. Your impression numbers and click-through rates will see an exponential increase just by utilizing some simple design tips.

4. Try Out Designer Templates From Media Sites

You can find a plethora of unique PowerPoint templates online, namely from leading media sites like Shutterstock and Envato. These websites are home to thousands of different services such as: images, videos, vectors, music tracks, templates, and other digital resources. Many people use these sites for help to get design ideas or to use in a creation of a website, but you can also use them to find fresh, new PowerPoint slide templates created by a professional PowerPoint designer.

designer templates for office powerpoint - 2

The drawback to when you select a PowerPoint design template sources is the price: you’ll have to pay for any templates that you want to use when you download and there is a lack of support - the lack of support can be a problem if you don't know a PowerPoint designer and if you have downloaded an older version that is not Office 365.
If price and/or support don't bother you, Envato has multiple subscription plans to suit the needs of individuals, teams, and enterprises. The individual and team Envato plans are priced well under $20 per month. Shutterstock offers some opportunities to get free graphics - people who sign up for the site with a free account get one free image per week. You can also pay for a Shutterstock annual plan, which grants you 10, 50, 350, or 750 images per month, depending on your choice.
If you’re not up to pay for the templates on Shutterstock or Envato, you can simply search through these sites to select design ideas. From there, you can use the design ideas and build your slides from scratch or clicking the design ideas button with you use PowerPoint designer - this process is more time-consuming than simply downloading a template, but it will save you some dough.

5. Hire A Professional Design Agency

Ultimately, hiring a professional design agency is the most efficient way to get a continuous flow of new design ideas. Trained design professionals are skilled and experienced in the process of design development and are always aiming for innovation. Specifically, the designer team at Presentation Geeks office are made up of passionate, unapologetically geeky design professionals who spend their waking minutes thinking up bright new design ideas.
With a professional design ideas team like Presentation Geeks on your side, you can stop worrying about brainstorming design ideas and how to get design ideas out- instead you can move on with the rest of your to-do list.

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