Educational Institution Presentations

When creating an Educational Institution Presentation, it’s important that it’s tailored to the learner.

We’ve partnered colleges and universities across North America and Europe to create educational PowerPoint presentations that ensure Professors are free to focus on teaching and students have an amazingly clear and concise learning tool. Educational PowerPoint Presentations designed for students should consider a few factors…

  1. Does the presentation support the learning objectives?
  2. Do the presentations follow a clear and logical flow of information, or do they jump all over the place leaving the student confused?
  3. Will your college or university make the presentation available for the students to download?
  4. Alternatively, will the PowerPoint Presentation need to be small enough to share by email?
  5. Does each of the PowerPoint slides positively contribute to the student’s education in the subject matter?
  6. Do the PowerPoint Presentations need to follow college or university branding?

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What does an Educational Institute gain from partnering with the Presentation Geeks?

With each new wave of high-school students arriving on college and university campuses each September keen to receive an amazing education, expectations increase. Students are more and more tech-savvy and expect their post-secondary education to follow suit. Students expect a paper-free, streaming, and download friendly school. Professors can often also receive an education in learning new ways to reach their students. As a result, the library’s are generally free of microfiche and instead filled with computers. If the wifi goes down its pandemonium. The way education is being delivered has and is ever-evolving.

Where does this leave our professors? Often times, in need of some help to develop a strategy to find a cost-effective way to modernize their presentations. For most professors we’ve had the pleasure of working with, their institution has high expectations, but lacks the support needed to update and modernize an entire subject’s worth of presentations. Here’s where we believe the Presentation Geeks can deliver some education. We’ve developed cost-effective strategies to help college and university professors upgrade their course material. Email us to get in contact, and we would be more than happy to share our secrets with you. We believe in wouldn’t be where we are without amazing professors like yourself who care about the education of their students.

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Without a strategy to tackle numerous slides, updating hundreds of slides can feel like you’re working for free. Luckily the Presentation Geeks have worked with college and university professors, and we have developed a strategy to tackle this challenge. We work with professors to develop a customized strategy to take a student’s education to the next level. Whether we roll up our sleeves and redesign each PowerPoint presentation, or we work with our partners to create an easy-to-use PowerPoint Template, there are many ways to design professional-looking presentations while saving you time and money. We remember when the education was a professor writing on an overhead projector. School has changed quite a bit since then, but the need for education seems almost more important now than ever.

In addition to designing presentations, our team can create handouts that students can easily download, explainer motion graphics so that students can visualize processes for a well-rounded teaching approach, and more. Delivering education through a multimedia focused approach can help students grasp difficult to understand topics. Have a look at some of our samples in the education category for more information.

Create a logical flow of information

Build educational institution presentations that cater to visual learners

Make it practical

What about Learning and Development Presentations in Business?

In many cases, students getting an education from a college or university will apply for a job right out of that institute. When they start their career at their new business, the learning hasn’t stopped. In fact, in most cases, their education has entered a new phase… Performance. A business Learning and Development team will be tasked with bridging gap between what the student their college or university education, and what they need to know to be a performer in their new role.

As well as working with post-secondary education, we also support Corporate Learning and Development teams by providing adult-focused learning presentations, e-learning courses, course manuals, and more. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing partners, and our team has learned from some of the best. Here’s a snapshot into what makes our Educational Institution presentations, e-learning courses, and manuals amazing learning tools for college and university students as well for business.

1. Create a logical flow of information

Creating a course presentation for a college or university should be focused on adult learning meaning that you need to be clear, and intentional about the Learning outcomes. By clearly laying out the education outcomes early on, it makes it clear to the student what the goals are. As the course progresses it’s important to take time layout the foundation and explaining why the topic is important. It’s unreasonable to expect that your students will be free from distractions, but by showing the learner why the topic matters, you can cut through the distraction and engage your audience. Steven Sinek calls this the “Why” behind the “what.”

Finally, throughout the course, use the outline to ensure that you stay on track. If you haven’t introduced the topic during your opening slides, the student is going to wonder how it fits into your lesson. Using the outline as a guide will help prevent the learner from getting lost in the material.

Finally, don’t forget to recap the key points. The concept of recency and latency suggests that learners are better able to recall the first and last things presented. In every educational presentation, whether it’s for a college, university, or business, there are key points that should be retained. It’s our view that these key points should occur on the early presentation slides, as well as the slides near the end. If you have a page of handouts, make sure you include these key points there as well.

2. Build educational institution presentations that cater to visual learners

Most concepts are more easily explained with a combination of words and visuals. Create a strategy to free your slides of the endless bullet points that typically crowd presentations. It’s easy to add photos, but what if you can’t find an image that helps you explain your topic? There are a few sites that offer royalty-free images. is one site that has a lot of royalty-free images. Google also has an image search tool that allows you to filter by image rights. There are many free images that professors can use in education-focused presentations. These are great tips for a student or college professor who’s school may not have the budget to use expensive stock images.

Another option is to…

Developing custom illustration or animation can make all the difference. Not only will a visual presentation help keep your slides engaging, but it can also actually have an impact on how well your topic is learned and retained. If you have an educational presentation that looks more like a page out of the textbook, try splitting the information into multiple slides so that you have room for presentation visuals. Our customers sometimes tell us that they don’t have the time to add more slides. Our view is that the right illustration or animation can actually help your learning realize the concept quicker, and retain the information to a higher degree, and make the education more interesting. So the question becomes… Can you really afford not to include relevant presentation visuals in your course?

3. Make it practical

Creating practical learning opportunities can take time to develop, but creating an opportunity for your learner to test the new information in an active way, helps lock in the information. The shift towards practical education has helped develop a smoother transition into the workforce. Exercises will be dependent on allotted time, the concept, and the audience. Here are a couple of high-level suggestions that think area effective.

A 30-second learning check. At the end of each section insert a slide that has a single question designed to encourage the learning to apply the concept to find an answer.

A Case Study. This may be a scenario that can be worked in a group, or as individuals. Both have benefits. Group work helps people to learn from others, challenge, and defend answers. Individual work encourages the learner to work through each stage of the process. If you are a University /College Facilitator or Learning and Development Professional who needs a creative team to support your course development needs, give our team a call. At the very least we’ll have a great conversation about your project, but hopefully, we can find an opportunity to put our team to the test!

How can we help you?

Whether you need to update your course PowerPoint Presentations or you could use a hand laying out some slides in your school PowerPoint template, we can help you. Getting started is easy. Fill out our contact form or send us an email and get a free consultation to see how we can help. We would love to partner with you and your institute to develop your PowerPoint presentations.

Use our team and be amazed at how we can help you…

  1. Free up more of your time
  2. Deliver PowerPoint Presentations that are actually easy to view
  3. Develop Handouts whether one slide per page or more
  4. Create PowerPoint presentations that are easy to email and download
  5. Get more high fives from your students

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