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Entertainment Presentations

The entertainment organizations we’ve worked with set the bar for modern and current. This can be a blessing and a curse. While customers are rarely bored, they also have high expectations.  This means that if you are in the entertainment industry, and you need to deliver a presentation, it’s got to be good. If you have a team of talented graphic designers in your marketing department that are ready to knock your next presentation out of the park you are probably in the minority. When the executive group at Sony Entertainment found themselves in the same position, they reached out to the Presentation Geeks to help them deliver a premium presentation geared to attract artists to their label.


Our team of university Trained Presentation Designers are immersed in current and modern graphic design trends.  For them it’s more than a job, it’s a passion. This is how we are able to deliver presentations that lead the entertainment industry.  The majority of this design work is down outside of the presentation software. In addition to Graphic Design, we have photographers, illustrators, motion graphic designers, 3D animators, game developers and even a published author on our team. Our collective diversity provides us with a huge tool box to work with. If you are in the entertainment industry, or have a presentation with high expectations, give our team a call. The challenging presentation requests are usually the ones that our team GEEKS OUT about.

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Entertainment Industry Case Study

Our friends at Stache Media were provided with an opportunity to convince Sony Music that they were the most creative and professional in-house marketing team under the Sony umbrella. To help them convey the message, our team of designers went to work on a Prezi to highlight a few of their amazing projects.