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Whether you are pitching to Venture Capital Firms, Private Equity, or Potential Partners, the PowerPoint that you present to your audience says a lot about how you conduct your business. Give yourself an advantage and reach out to the Presentation Geeks. Our team is experienced in creating industry-leading financial presentations. Chances are excellent that we are working on a few right now. Our professionally trained design team specializes in data visualization, infographics, motion graphics, and modern design layout.

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Financial Services & Report Presentations

One of the biggest challenges faced when delivering a presentation on finance, is finding out how to make the data tell your story. Of course, financial data is a critical component to include in your financial slides, but great presentations start with great stories. When customers initially reach out to us for help, they usually have a list of tables, charts, and data points that they’ve dropped into a PowerPoint outline. These can be pulled from a collection of business reports, or other sources. Then, trying to string it all together only to end up feeling like their financial presentation feels disjointed, awkward to present, and confusing to their audience. If this sounds familiar, don’t feel bad. the good news is that you are in good company. If your job is to look at expense reports, growth projections, EBITDA, and more day in and day out, we salute you. This information probably tells you more of a story than to most other people, but chances are good that there are some other fragments of information that you’ve picked up along the way that help to set the context. These nuggets are important to identify because your audience also needs this information to get the full value out of your financial presentation. This is why it’s critical to take some time to set the numbers aside (which may be a tough exercise) and use your time to reflect on what the story truly is.

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A presentation about finance is really a story about an opportunity. It might be an opportunity to make an investment, to raise capital, to save money, to reaffirm business decisions, or more. It’s important to figure out what opportunity you are presenting before diving into the PowerPoint slides. Once you are clear on the opportunity, make sure to write it down on a sticky note, or somewhere that you can easily refer back to it. Every slide should in some respect speak to this opportunity. This will help you to create a seamless flow between slides.

Psst... Here's our secret on how to make your financial presentation engaging

Some PowerPoint Presentations can have a tendency to be a tad… shall we say dry? Why is that? Well, we believe that it’s because the PowerPoint presenter is leaning on financial information to draw the audience in rather than using the structure of a story to communicate the numbers. This is common with finance presentations. However, we believe this is a backward approach that can cause your audience to lose interest in your business. For as long as humans beings have been around, they’ve told stories. It’s ingrained in the way we think, understand, and recall information. Stories are conceptual and easy to remember. Facts, charts, and graphs are not easy to remember. They provide proof that your story is valid, which is essential, but if you expect that your audience is going to leave your presentation thinking about that awesome slide with the super complex chart, you are in for a disappointment.

Rather than hoping that your finance presentation was memorable why not feed them the line that you want to stick. Politicians do it all the time. They call it “sticking to their talking points.” What are your talking points? Does each slide convey the message you want them to remember? Why don’t you go back to that sticky note where you wrote down the opportunity? Tell the story of that opportunity. Create some context by introducing the history of the opportunity. What’s lead up to this presentation? Is there a sense of urgency? Why does your audience need to need to take action? If you can use the elements of a story, you can create an amazing presentation story that uses each slide with intention and purpose.

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There are elements of a finance presentation that are consistent across a wide breadth of industries. If you are unsure of where to start, perhaps a good place to look is at some of our samples. What you will notice is that the content in the samples doesn’t include any rights reserved information. We like to say that we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements for lunch. This is a good thing though because when you work with the Presentation Geeks, you can rest assured that all of your business information is confidentially secure. If you don’t have an NDA, we can provide one for you.

Need help with the data... we got you covered?

One of the things that make our team different from other PowerPoint Presentation design firms, is that we are very comfortable working with data. We create amazing slides with charts, graphs, and tables from raw excel files, and that’s the easy part. From there, we use our illustration skills to customize charts and even animate them to make sure that your PowerPoint slides get noticed.

We understand how busy our business partners in the financial industry are. Let our team take some work off your plate and give you more time as well as the confidence in knowing that your presentation will present a visually compelling and engaging story.

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