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One of the biggest challenges our clients face when creating a financial presentations  is data interpretation. How can you make the numbers tell a story?  Simple… Get a Presentation Geek!  Our Presentation Designers aren’t just experienced designers, they also have experience working with Microsoft Excel to interpret data and create charts and graphs that up the wow factor.  We don’t just beautify existing data, we roll up our sleeves and get into the numbers.  Sometimes this means doing a little research, and even cracking a textbook, but that doesn’t scare us. We are Geeks after all.

A financial presentation is designed to instill confidence and build trust in a product, and idea, or an institution. Does your presentation have the ability to build rapport with your audience?  If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s very common for our team to take submitted content back to the storyboarding phase, so that we can ensure that the storyline connects and engages the audience. Building trust through a compelling  presentation  with a strong message is how the Presentation Geeks can take your presentation over the top. A premium financial presentation designed by the Presentation Geeks will help you stand apart from the crowd and build a strong connection.

We understand how busy our partners in the financial industry are. Let our team take some work off your plate and give you more time as well as the confidence in knowing that your presentation will present a visually compelling and engaging story.

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Financial Industry Case Study

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Janvest is an investment firm that focuses on Isreaeli based Investing. Their team came to us looking for a modern and innovative way to presentation their investment presentation. After consulting with their team, we guided  them towards developing a Prezi Presentation that uses compelling visuals and minimalistic design. We designed their presentation in this style to help Janvest take their investors on a journey, providing them with an experience that would be memorable.