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Franchise Presentations

Through our experience working with some of America’s fastest growing franchises, the Presentation Geeks can contribute a ton of value throughout the entire process. From the Franchise Sales Presentations to accompanying brochures and marketing assets, we can help you spread the word that your franchise is taking over the globe! And when you do, we have your back covered. From Franchisee training presentations, e-learning course and more, we’ve done it all. We can help you design your buildout manuals, marketing handbooks, and even employee training. While you are busy scaling your business, make sure you have the Presentation Geeks in your corner creating the marketing and training assets. We are understand branding and will treat your brand with the respect it deserves.

Have you already started the franchise journey and are starting to pick up some traction? Perfect! This is when most of our Franchising partners start reaching out to us. We can help you graduate from managing your training efforts in a spreadsheet, to implementation of a Learning Management System that provides consistency across all 50 states (and further…). We can literally provide you with more time and less stress, so you can spend your time running your franchise, or kicking back on the new boat you just bought thanks to your rapidly expanding franchise. And who doesn’t want to kick back on a boat? If you are starting a franchise, or scaling a franchise give us a call.

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Franchise Case Study

Dillas Quesadillas in Texas is by far our favourite spot in Texas. There’s a reason they were voted. [add awards here]. They reached out to the Presentation Geeks when they needed help creating an investment brochure that not only told their story, but brought Dillas Restaurant to into the boardroom. Using a combination of their franchise photographs and a fun and modern design, the Presentation Geeks developed a snapshot into their restaurant, their culture, and their success. If you happen to be driving past a Dillas Quesadilla Restaurant, make sure you pull in and say hi from The presentation Geeks.