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OK, we know that saying we work for Government can mean many things, and cover a large range of topics…

but it’s true! Not only do we work with government agencies, but we also got our start working in municipal government. We understand the complicated and sometimes fragile dynamic that makes up your nature of government initiatives and projects. When your content needs to be secure, there is no better company to work with than the Presentation Geeks. We don’t outsource anything, and sign NDAs like they are going out of style!

Our team of graphic designers are highly trained and work with our strict data and information privacy policies. In addition to secure information, our team is trained to work with your government department’s branding. In many cases, we work directly with marketing departments to help them upgrade their PowerPoint templates and more.

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What's it like to work with the Presentation Geeks?

In working with government agencies at all levels to create PowerPoint Presentations we’ve learned that there is no one size fits all. Each agency, department, state, city, and region have unique project needs. What we have learned working with our partners in government is that the project impact can be immense and that every slide counts. For this reason, the Government PowerPoint presentations that we develop always get multiple sets of eyes on them before they ever get back to our customers.

Storyboarding and message development

Creating a clean and modern layout

PowerPoint Presentation Refinement

Our team can work with you through multiple stages of presentation development

Storyboarding and message development.

Our team has been using web conferencing tools since the early days to run creative brainstorming sessions, work with government teams to develop creative storyboard content, and act as a sounding board to make you think about the type of questions your audience might ask.

Creating a clean and modern layout

We work with your brand guidelines to make sure that the PowerPoint Presentations we create feel like they’ve come from your marketing department. Our style is to develop the type of clean and modern slides that audiences want to read. In fact, we will provide you with a couple of different slide options early on so that we can get a better idea of your preference.

PowerPoint Presentation Refinement

Presenters are unique, and so are their presentations. For this reason, we always include multiple rounds of revisions to ensure that your presentation is tailored to your exact presentation style. do you need help bringing your points to come in one at a time? We can do that. Prefer to animate your information in all on one click, we can help with that too.

Finding it challenging to reach your audience?

One of the more challenging aspects when delivering a presentation on behalf of your government agency can be finding ways to reach your audience. Sometimes your audience will be a very specific group of government stakeholders, but more often than not, your audience can be the general public. This can present a challenge. How do you connect with a diverse group of people? How can you develop slides that get your key points across?

We believe the key is simple. Really when we advise government agencies on presentation storyboarding for a hard to reach an audience, we focus on simplifying the message. As tempting as it is to fill your slides with complex data, the information can become confusing and difficult to read. One of the initial requests we challenge our presenters with when developing a presentation for a government agency is to summarize the key message in one sentence. If you can’t summarize the most important information in a sentence than it indicates that you may lack clarity in your message. It can take some time to find out what this sentence is, and who to phrase it so that it makes the most impact, but once clear, each of the following slides in some shape or form is connected to this key sentence. In working with government agencies to develop presentations using this technique, we’ve found that it leads to enhanced clarity, and in turn better retention of the message by the audience.

Do your presentations include project proposals, initiatives or reports?

If so, you might want to know how working with our team will allow you to make edits, and changes in the future so that you can keep using your amazing new presentation. If you choose the Presentation Geeks to help you develop your government presentations, you will always have access to all of the creative assets and the unlocked version of your presentation. We even create custom tutorial videos showing you the easiest way to make edits. Working with the Presentation Geeks is a different experience. We understand that government agencies are often working on tight budgets and timelines, and so we’ve tailored our presentations to deliver maximum value by creating content that can be used again and again. In fact, we work with many government agencies to develop presentations used by entire departments for years at a time. From time to time, they send us an email to let our team know that they want a new section added, or need some help to create a specific chart or animation. We love to see these presentations get used multiple times. Working together to find cost-effective ways to develop amazing presentations is what it’s all about!

We strive to keep communication levels high, and response times quick. We understand that speed equals value. That’s why every project has a dedicated Project Manager who works closely with the customer and our designers to ensure that goals are met, expectations are exceeded, and minds are blown.

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