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Marketing Presentations

Whether you need a premium marketing presentation and don’t have a designer who specializes in presentation development, or your team is working flat out to meet changing deadlines so that you can exceed your customer’s expectations, The Presentation Geeks can help. In fact, we work with countless Marketing Agencies all over North America to help them deliver premium marketing presentations, digital, and print assets as part of their client offerings. Our team is accustomed to jumping onboard even if it is at the eleventh hour to help our Marketing Agency Partners deliver amazing results.

How do we jump into a project lead by a Marketing Agency?? Well it’s completely up to our partners. We are happy to jump into meetings via web or phone conference, and always do our homework to ensure that we are up to speed on your customers branding, design preferences, and company voice. We are happy to sign your NDA or provide you with one from our team. All information shared with us is completely confidential, and is not shared unless expressed consent is given ahead of time.

How fast can our team deliver? Fast! A typical turnaround on a project is approximately two weeks depending on the size, the scope, and our partner’s availability to provide feedback and sign off. Now we did say that was typical, but we do have rush options available in which we can turn out projects in under 72-hours.

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Marketing Industry Case Study

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When Maxpoint needed to impress their customer with a presentation that outlined retail shopping behaviour, they turned to the Presentation Geeks to lend a hand. Through a combination modern layout and custom illustrated icons, infographics and motion graphics, The Presentation Geeks were able to help Maxpoint impress their customer and wow their audience. Have any questions about how The Presentation Geeks can help your Marketing Agency?? Give us a call and we would be glad to discuss your project and show you how we can help.