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Medical Presentations

The medical industry is fast paced, and research based. In working with many partners in this space we’ve come to realize that the research and data can be your friend or foe. Medical presentations that include too little data can come off as unfounded and unconvincing. Medical presentations that are oversaturated with raw data can easily lose an audience. Luckily our team has worked with some of medical’s industry leaders, and we’ve developed an affinity for data interpretation. It’s not something that just any graphic designer gets excited about, but we are Presentation Geeks!

Our Experience in Medical Presentations

Our team of university trained graphic designers have experience working with data derived from Microsoft Excel to illustrate (and animate) charts that provide the right balance of supporting evidence and audience engagement.

We’ve got experience working with everyone from Doctors, Researchers, Instructors, Medical Sales, Medical Journals, and even Veterinarians!! Our first piece of advice is… “Do no harm” to the audience. Ok bad joke, but we do believe that every presenter should be audience focused. Let our team focus on creative development and provide you with a little more time. After all the one thing we know with 100% certainty is that anyone in the medical industry could use a little more free time!!

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Medical Industry Case Study

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Janvest is an investment firm that focuses on Isreaeli based Investing. Their team came to us looking for a modern and innovative way to presentation their investment presentation. After consulting with their team, we guided  them towards developing a Prezi Presentation that uses compelling visuals and minimalistic design. We designed their presentation in this style to help Janvest take their investors on a journey, providing them with an experience that would be memorable.

DZS is a full service Contract Research Organization that was in need of a professional presentation to highlight their services to the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. In working with their team to uncover their project goals we developed a PowerPoint presentation immersed with engaging motion graphics that maintain the integrity of their branding while bringing in the cool factor to engage their audience.