Non-profit presentations

One of the biggest challenges our clients face when creating a Non-Profit presentation is the interpretation of their message.

Presentations serve of huge importance for Nonprofit organizations. A nonprofit presentation is a vehicle used to deliver the organization’s vision and mission. Creating believers and even advocates out of an audience is no easy task. The presenter needs to be able to engage the audience, have a clear message, and deliver a compelling call to action. These are great qualities that should be included in any presentation but are essential for nonprofits.

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So how can the Presentation Geeks help?

Firstly, our team of presentation designers is experts at way more than just PowerPoint. Our team creates presentation pitches for top corporate organizations around the world on a daily basis. Our experience allows us to support your team every step of the way from the development of the message, to the design of the slides, to the execution of the technical side. We believe our job isn’t done until your presentation is a huge success.

Secondly, we appreciate how much time it takes to develop a relationship with a donor, prepare for your presentation, and practice the delivery. The last thing you want to do is fight with your PowerPoint presentation to make sure that it is up to your standards. When you have your big opportunity to present, we want to make sure that you have the time to focus on the areas that get you the best results. I mean, let’s be honest, who hasn’t pulled an all-nighter trying to pull their presentation together the night before they are supposed to present, when every article on presenting tells you to get a good night’s sleep before the big day? We know that everyone needs sleep.. we can help!

Thirdly, our graphic designers are trained at technical design schools before ever making it onto our team. They are all actively engaged in current and modern design trends and can help to take any nonprofit presentation to the next level. We want your audience to be engaged from the second you start presenting. When delivering a Powerpoint designed by the Presentation Geeks, you can be confident that you are going to look professional and engaging when you speak.

Do you want to increase audience engagement in your next nonprofit presentation?

If you’re an experienced presenter, you have probably seen what disengagement looks like. A bit of a stifled yawn, someone responds to a text or email, and even the dreaded watch check. There are many forms of audience disengagement, and let’s face it, none of them are good. If you are delivering a nonprofit presentation, you probably have a clear goal in your mind of what you need to achieve. This may be to raise awareness, garner support, or maybe even reach donors. Unfortunately, without finding a way to engage the audience, it will be very difficult to reach your goals.

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Make it practical

So what's the secret... It's your ability to tell a story.

Stories have been the primary method of communication since the beginning of time. Humans are geared to understand, remember, and act upon stories they’ve heard. When information is delivered as a structured story, something amazing happens… your audience files it in their brain in such a way that they can recall and share. When your audience doesn’t just remember your message, but actually walks away and shares it with their community, it’s a beautiful thing.

How can we create use our nonprofit presentation to share our story?

It starts with developing a firm understanding of what you are actually trying to say. At the Presentation Geeks often kick off creative briefs by asking our nonprofit customers to summarize their entire presentation into one statement. If you haven’t tried this before, it can be a tough exercise. It’s stumped more than a few people, but the amazing thing is that the more you struggle with this question, the more you are working to clarify your message. At the best of times, your audience is probably only going to take away one message, one statement, or one fact from your nonprofit presentation. If you aren’t crystal clear about what that message is, chances are neither will they.

So what do you do once you are clear on your message? Now it’ time to let the Presentation Geeks go to work. As our team works with yours, we will create effective and visual slides that each speak to your message. Since visuals are computed in the brain 60,000 times faster than text, the audience will use the visual to grasp the concept, and then focus on your message. Often times a nonprofit presentation takes the opposite approach with slides filled with text, and the presenter ends up working hard to create a visual image. This leads your audience to try to read the text on your slides while you are talking. Since the brain doesn’t really multitask that well, you end up creating your own distraction. At the Presentation Geeks, we will use our experience and work to help your nonprofit presentation avoid this pitfall.

What's it like for a nonprofit organization to partner with the Presentation Geeks?

We love working alongside our nonprofit friends. Not only are they the type of people that want to help others, but they also hold a vision that they want to share. For our team, this is awesome, because we understand how to share a vision. Working together to create an amazing nonprofit presentation is not all about fancy slide layout beautiful design (although we do that too!).

We understand that it starts with collaboration. We’ve worked hard to create a seamless experience for nonprofit customers. When you choose to work with our team, we will be just that, a member of your team. We can join meetings through conference calls and video calls.

When you start a project with our team, you get access to a dedicated project manager that takes the lead on organizing all images, videos, storyboards, and revisions. In fact, we are so organized that your project is stored in our files for up to a year just in case you need to tweak it for your next big meeting. But don’t worry, if your information is sensitive you have all rights reserved to let us know you’d prefer to remove any reference to it immediately after the project closes. We are happy to sign your nonprofit organization’s NDA, or if needed you can make use of our NDA.

When you are looking into working with an outside agency, it can be hard to compare apples to apples. You can look at samples of other nonprofit presentations, compare hourly design rates, and make your best guess. However, this doesn’t tell you very much about the actual people that you will be working with. We believe that our people are our greatest asset. This is why we try to make use of video chat to talk about your nonprofit presentation before we get started. We are looking forward to meeting your team and learning more about your nonprofit organization.

Our goal as your new team member is to build trust with your nonprofit organization. Trust that we have the skills and experience to design an amazing nonprofit presentation, but also trust that we have your best interest first. We believe that this comes through in the PowerPoint presentations that we make for nonprofit groups. We believe that building trust in your partners and in turn, your audience, can make your next nonprofit presentation a success.

Does your presentation build trust with your audience?

If the answer is no, or you aren’t sure, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s very common for our team to take submitted content back to the storyboarding phase so that we can ensure that the storyline connects and engages the audience. Nonprofit presentations are designed to instill confidence and build trust in people, a service, an idea, or an organization.

Building an amazing presentation can allow organizations to build partnerships and acquire community funding. An amazing Nonprofit presentation designed by the Presentation Geeks will help you stand apart from the crowd and build a strong connection. We know that Nonprofit professionals tend to be passionate about their work, and they often have an inspiring message to tell their audience. We have been lucky enough to partner with some awesome Nonprofit Organizations to deliver these inspiring stories.

If you need help designing your next nonprofit presentation, contact us , and find out how much fun it can actually be to present with you connect with the Presentation Geeks.

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