Inspiring Franchise Presentation Examples That We’ve Created

A franchise presentation is a series of slides that provide prospective franchisees with key information on the business opportunity that is in front of them. Presentation content will vary depending on the market and or industries they are looking to attract, but they all share a similar purpose, to act as a sales tool! Particular focus is placed on the brand itself, highlighting the legitimacy of the company.

Raising Capital for your Business

Raising capital is can be an essential to the survival of a business. There are various financial sources for raising capital, from a bank loan, to an angel investor, from government grants to business incubators. Regardless of where you look for business financing, it is pretty important to have a solid business plan, and a way to present it.

History of Motion Graphics

While “motion graphics” is a term coined relatively recently, the art form dates back surprisingly far, before electronic media was even invented. How is this possible? Well, motion graphics refers to any use of technology to create an illusion of motion, with the express purpose of communicating a specific message.

Futuristic monitor displaying e-learning training course

Custom E-Learning Solutions

Custom E-Learning Solutions E-Learning software development has propelled job training and education into a world class experience. Though many of these platforms have existed for over a decade, the pandemic has increased their level of use and sophistication by a significant amount. Often, you already have the content on hand in training documents, Powerpoints, videos…

What Is The Difference Between Whiteboard Animation And An Animated Video?

Life in the internet age means that video presentations are becoming more and more popular. Explainer videos are short, easy-to-make, and engaging methods of introducing information to both auditory and visual learners. In the marketing business, two main types of animated videos have become widespread tools for meetings, training, and more, in both business and educational settings: animated videos, and whiteboard animation videos.

Corporate E-Learning Solutions

There are many training solutions if you offer or invest in online training or mobile learning. eLearning courses have grown exponentially over the past year and will continue to grow in the future. Online courses are often very convenient since we are maintaining physical distance.

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The Benefits Of E-Learning: A Smarter Way Of Teaching

Not only has technology revolutionized our lives, but it’s also changed how education and training happens. E-learning is rapidly replacing traditional methods due to its numerous advantages. Some of the many benefits of e-learning include unlimited access to resources, flexibility, and accessibility. Whether you’re a student or a business/organization owner, there are many reasons to choose e-learning for your next course.