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PowerPoint Updates to Enhance Your Slide Design

When it comes to PowerPoint Slide Design, generic is the last thing that you want to be. We’ve seen it before: a presentation includes thoughtful, well-formed information, but lacks the slide design to back it up. This leaves the viewers with a bland, visually uninteresting presentation to follow, which, no matter how riveting the information is, can lead to a total lack of audience engagement.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. New design updates from PowerPoint are making it easier than ever to make your presentation jump off the screen. Unapologetically geeky as we are, we were overjoyed when these updates hit PowerPoint and can’t wait to tell the world about them. 

Here, we’ll teach you all about the latest PowerPoint Slide Design updates to start using now. With these new features in your back pocket, you’ll find the caliber of your presentations rising exponentially. 

PowerPoint Designer To Boost Your Presentation

PowerPoint Designer is a functionality now built into the PowerPoint software. It uses Artificial Intelligence to help users create more attractive and effective presentations. Basically, PowerPoint Designer is a robot that gives you design ideas and suggestions to complement your presentation as you create it. Who wouldn’t get on board with that? 

Recently, Microsoft upgraded the PowerPoint Designer’s AI capabilities, giving users more to work as far as layout and design. These new features are making it more efficient than ever to couple your content with visually striking PowerPoint slide design. 

If you couldn’t tell already, we geeks are over the moon about these new PowerPoint Designer features, and we think you will be, too. So, here are three of the most recent updates to PowerPoint Designer that you can start using, stat.

Updated PowerPoint Designer Features

1) Designer for branded templates

Branded templates are set slide designs, including layout, colors, fonts, logos, and visual aids, that stay consistent across all of a brand’s content. These templates help strengthen brands by creating content cohesion and boosting brand recognition. If your brand is in desperate need of a strong image, a brand template is a wonderful solution to implement.

Many companies used to struggle with the fact that PowerPoint Designer didn’t coordinate with branded templates. This meant that brands couldn’t use Designer’s suggestions, instead having to create each slide on their own according to their brand template. It also opened up the risk for the creation of presentations that clashed with brands’ identities, weakening overall company cohesion. Especially since Designer can significantly cut down on the time it takes to create a PowerPoint presentation, this issue was a major point of frustration.

To address this concern, Microsoft released Designer for branded templates. This feature coordinates design suggestions with their established branding and visual identity protocols. So, whether you’re making a sales pitch or educating employees, your brand image will shine through your PowerPoint slide design.

2) Designer automatic theme ideas

A clear, cohesive theme is a key aspect of all PowerPoint slide designs. Each slide needs to subsequently provide a smooth transition from the previous slide while leading effortlessly into the next slide. This ensures that your audience’s focus is sparked throughout the presentation, beginning to end.

With theme ideas on Designer, you can jumpstart the design of your presentation with the ease of a lifetime PowerPoint geek. Just open up a new presentation and type in a few words. Designer will then, like a Jedi using the Force, sense the content of your text automatically - there’s no need to even press a button. You’ll be presented with a range of theme styles, photographs, and color schemes that reflect the text based on Designer’s findings. Designer can even provide relevant artwork to accompany the content on your slides.

The photos and artwork suggested by PowerPoint Designer are officially licensed for commercial use - no copyright concerns here. Plus, when you select an image, Designer will offer up a corresponding color scheme to incorporate into your presentation. This takes the guesswork out of PowerPoint slide design, providing shortcuts to an attractive, unified presentation. 

3) Designer Perspectives

Microsoft Research found that large statistics and numerical values can be better understood and retained when they’re related to accessible references. To address the common problem of poor audience engagement with large numerical values in presentations, they created a brand-new tool. 

The Perspective Engine from Microsoft Research is a recent development that we geeks can’t get enough of. With this tool, PowerPoint Designer is now able to identify slides with large numbers that may be tricky for an audience to absorb quickly. Then, Perspectives provides context for the numerical values by automatically adding a comparative perspective. 

This tool can help you seamlessly provide points of reference for your audience, allowing them to better understand what your company has to offer. This will also facilitate the retention of information so that your audience can recall your presentation long after it’s ended. 

PowerPoint Designer Aligns With Innovation

Given that AI is one of the most quickly advancing trends in technology today, it’s no wonder that PowerPoint is now using incorporating it into their software. With the amount of time that AI can cut from the process of creating a stellar PowerPoint slide design, we’re glad that they did! The PowerPoint Designer updates listed above can provide you with insights to create a consistent, well-organized, and appealing presentation for any purpose. This is a new age of PowerPoint software, and we’re on the edge of our seat to see what the future has in store for presentation design. 

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