Prezi Login Screen

Prezi Login and Tips For Getting Started

Prezi is one of our favourite presentation programs it now comes with a video maker. It’s different from PowerPoint, Prezi uses motion and zoom to create a virtual environment, guiding your audience through the content.
Interested in the possibilities? like the video present feature that Prezi next can offer? If so, you’re in the right place. We will give you the lowdown for creating a Prezi account.

Creating A New Account in Prezi

Click> “Get Started” in the right corner of the screen.

Prezi Get Started Button

Prezi Get Started Button

After clicking “Get Started” is “Pricing Plans and Options”.
Prezi Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

Prezi has broken the plans into four categories Basic, Individual, Education and Business. Choose the one that relates best to your needs. Eg. If you are in "education" you will have plans tailored to the education industry, with proof of education status.
All options offer support and help using Prezi next and Prezi video. You can reach out to support, find answers in their community, view tutorials to make your presentation, use the video feature or video training. Or get support by hiring a Prezi expert to design and create your presentation.
If you’ve selected a paid plan, you’ll now be asked to input payment information.

Setting Up Your New Prezi Account

Prezi will ask you industry: student, education, business, or other, to further learn your needs.  Now that your account is set up, you can create a Prezi Next presentation. The next time that you want to use Prezi, just go to Prezi’s website and click “Log In”. Login Screen Screen

Note that you can also use a Prezi account associated with your Google or Facebook account if you need!

Prezi Tips For Getting Started

Prezi interface is streamlined and intuitive. Here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Start With a Template.

Prezi next is different from Powerpoint. So, it doesn’t hurt to get help starting with a template. Templates will give you a framework you need for the features that Prezi has to offer, learning formatting and video as you go along.
Prezi Create From Template Option

Click Create from Template

2. Check Out Other Presentations For Ideas.

There are countless formatting and design options to learn. The best ways to discover and learn fun techniques and tips are to check out what other Prezi users are doing. If you want to access and view other presentations go to>Prezi dashboard>click “Explore Presentation Gallery” at the top of the screen.
Check out some Prezi examples from our portfolio at Presentation Geeks for more inspiration!
If you’ve selected a paid plan, you’ll now be asked to input payment information.
Make time to view presentations made by other Prezi users, experience the Prezi features, or try Prezi video. Prezi video is new and it allows you to record yourself delivering a presentation, it’s an awesome tool for remote workers.

3. Test Out Link Sharing.

You can share your Prezi simply by sending out a link via email. Anyone with this link can watch your Prezi presentation, but they won’t be able to edit it.
LIve Prezi Share Button

Prezi Buttons

You’re now off and running with a brand-new Prezi account!
If you still want help designing you Prezi reach out Presentation Geeks - we would love to help!

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