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Prezi vs PowerPoint: Which One Is Better?

At Presentation Geeks, we speak to many people who are trying to choose between using PowerPoint or Prezi for their next presentation.  Prezi and Powerpoint are both phenomenal presentation visual aides, but they are very different. It is the goal of this article to share the benefits of each program with you as well as the challenges so that should you choose either Powerpoint or Prezi for your next presentation, you have an great experience working with the program to develop your next presentation.

Throughout this presentation we will include links to PowerPoint and Prezi samples that we’ve created. We encourage you to check out these samples so that you can experience the differences between both programs.

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Lately, we have seen many one-sided posts discussing the merits of PowerPoint vs Prezi or vice-versa. Several Prezi fans see PowerPoint’s linear storyline as being outdated. Interestingly, the PowerPoint diehards say that Prezi’s non-linear approach that lets people easily jump to different ideas, is distracting their audiences. So, you need to come up with an impressing presentation and are trying to decide between the two. Which one will help you get the job done quickly and deliver the best results? Which one is the right fit to motivate your audience? While Prezi and PowerPoint have their own benefits, there are pros and cons to each of them. Hence, if you are working on an education presentation or preparing a business presentation, it is important to understand all the aspects of the Prezi vs PowerPoint discussion.


Before we get started, Check out a modern Powerpoint here…

Although Powerpoint is the older platform and more widely recognized, it has undergone some serious upgrades over the past year, so let’s start here. With Prezi gaining a reputation for the more innovative presentation platform, PowerPoint has developed some fantastic upgrades allowing it to compete.

For many users, PowerPoint is the go-to application when looking to put together a presentation. It is more user friendly, easier to learn, and useful for most professional presentations that benefit from a linear storyline.

For many users, PowerPoint is the go-to application when looking to put together a presentation. It is easy to learn and useful for most professional presentations that benefit from a linear storyline.

PowerPoint Advantages

PowerPoint is often taught in schools, and chances are you already know how it works.
Handouts are useful when you want everyone in the audience to be able to take notes or use the information later for reference.
It provides many possibilities for slide design. There are tons of fonts, colors, and backgrounds.

PowerPoint Disadvantages

Clumsy navigation
Due to its linear approach, it is sometimes difficult to locate a specific slide during the presentation. To some members of the audience, you could seem unprepared.
The graphics
Most often, your audience has already seen the premade layouts too many times already. Even if you can tweak them, they will still look a little outdated.
The licensing costs
You have to buy a software license for each computer you are going to install the app. Most likely you own more than one computer, so the costs will add up quickly.


Before we get started, Check out a modern Prezi  design here…

One of the biggest difference between Prezi and Powerpoint is that Prezi is a web-based application that provides the user a large, blank page to create presentations. The traditional slides are gone. Instead, the unlimited canvas lets you layout your idea in a non-linear fashion, meaning that you can have multiple paths from one point to the other. With Prezi, you can easily zoom in to focus on a single block of content. Then, you can zoom-out to get back to the overview. When considering Prezi vs PowerPoint, many are impressed by Prezi’s dynamic and engaging experience. But let’s see in detail the pros and cons of Prezi.

Prezi Advantages

Zoom function
The zoom function is Prezi’s most important differentiator. It simply allows you to zoom out with a mouse click. When you need to speak about a specific topic, you just have to zoom in on the part of the canvas containing that information. If you need to further emphasize your idea, just zoom in once more to gain more detail.
It is non-linear
Meaning that you have the utmost flexibility when moving from one idea to the other.
It is cloud-based
So you don’t have to carry your computer or an external hard drive in order to deliver your presentation. You just have to log in to your account from a computer connected to the Internet.

Prezi Disadvantages

Learning curve
If you are a designer, Prezi might be fairly simple to work with. Otherwise, you should spend some time learning to navigate its interface.
No printed slides
Since there are no slides, you won’t be able to hand out your audience a copy of your presentation however, if needed, design teams like Presentation Geeks can create customized hand-outs for your Prezi upon request.
Zoom function
The zoom function is Prezi’s strongest advantage but, when overused, can minimize the importance of the message.

Let’s see now how Prezi and PowerPoint stand against each other for business and education presentations. Business presentations are most likely to deliver a simple idea and a call to action. Thus, the content is all about delivering the core message. Conversely, academic presentations are crafted to deliver extensive information about a certain subject.

Prezi vs PowerPoint for Business

Check out a Great Business presentation here

Usually, PowerPoint’s simple and reliable design makes it the best tool for most business presentations that rely on simple charts, graphs, and text to deliver the message. People attending a business presentation are mostly interested in the content of the presentation. Also, the advantage of being able to give out handouts to your audience for later reference is helpful in business presentations.

business woman giving presentation

Prezi vs PowerPoint for Education

Check out an awesome educational presentation design here.

On the other side, Prezi presentations are best suited when delivering presentations in schools or classroom full of students. Unlike business people, children are easily distracted, and Prezi’s visuals and unique transitions are more likely to keep them focused on your presentation.

Prezi vs PowerPoint: Conclusion

Even if there are scenarios where each of Prezi or PowerPoint might seem more effective, you should always keep in mind that, at the end of the day, both are just tools. The success of your presentation is not so much as what program you use, but how you use it. Before thinking about which software is best for your next presentation, you should always invest the right amount time to organize and clarify your message.

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