When Viacom merged with CBS they needed a way to share the new opportunity with their partners in a way that elevated their already impressive brand. We designed an animated PowerPoint to present their products in an engaging and visual way. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Check Out More…

Illinois Gaming

Illinois Gaming Systems needed a fresh way to present an incredible business opportunity to local restuarants, specifically America’s favorite PIzza restuarant, Pizza Hut. They were looking for a flashy, motion-based presentation that could easily be exported to a video file and looped at kiosks and trade shows. The presentation was also built in a way to allow for it to be manually controlled for a more traditional meeting presentation.

MaxPoint Marketing

In addition to working directly with Sales and Marketing departments, the Presentation Geeks also work with other design agencies. This might seem strange, but just like any niche, Presentation Designers are actually quite a rare bunch, and uncommon to find even within Marketing Agencies. Their ability to translate complex topics into powerful visuals. Unlike developing a poster, most presentations have 25+ slides, so a Presentation Designer must be able to design with an expert level of efficiency.