Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy, one of the fastest-growing hard seltzer brands in North America, is great at attracting new drinkers to their bubbly product. We drew from their colourful branding, eye-catching textures, and dynamic imagery in this presentation to showcase some of their new flavours in a way that POPS!


Indigo Indigo has recently reinvented itself from a bookstore to something much more. Their services focus on home furnishings and houseware while still providing an exceptional collection of reading material. We wanted this presentation deck to match the clean look and style that their brand embodies. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this…

Silver Bullet Water Treatment

Silver Bullet Water Treatment Silver Bullet Water Treatments had a two-fold request: a modern and clean presentation that can highlight a lot of technical information as well as a stand along kios style video that can be played on a loop. Both requests were solved by a singlke PowerPoint build, saving time and money for…

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin-Williams When you are one of America’s oldest paint companies, you are used to getting noticed. Finding a way to highlight Sherwin-Williams paint and industrial coatings in this presentation was a fun challenge. With so many shades of colors to pick from, our designers had a fun time working on this presentation. Contact Us Today…

MaxPoint Marketing

In addition to working directly with Sales and Marketing departments, the Presentation Geeks also work with other design agencies. This might seem strange, but just like any niche, Presentation Designers are actually quite a rare bunch, and uncommon to find even within Marketing Agencies. Their ability to translate complex topics into powerful visuals. Unlike developing a poster, most presentations have 25+ slides, so a Presentation Designer must be able to design with an expert level of efficiency.