We wanted the view to experience the effectivenss of a powerful presentation for Exor. Our team’s expert touch took flight in crafting a captivating presentation that we believe transcends the ordinary. Clean animations, tasteful transitions, and an incredibly modern look and feel.

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy, one of the fastest-growing hard seltzer brands in North America, is great at attracting new drinkers to their bubbly product. We drew from their colourful branding, eye-catching textures, and dynamic imagery in this presentation to showcase some of their new flavours in a way that POPS!


FlexFleet needed a presentation that matched it’s branding: tough, professional and modern. We took the ruggedness and durability of their truck fleet and created a series of visual slides to showcase how grat their services are. Amazing brand, amazing presentation.

Cyber Tech High School

Educating students in the 21st century is all about connections. No one knows this better than Cyber Tech High School. They wanted a modern and conversational-view Prezi showcasing all the amazing stuff their school offers students. Check out the video highlight as well as an actual embedded Prezi below. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is…

ING Financial

The financial industry understands the importance of data, figures, and graphs. Although a financial audience may be very savvy, it’s still important to present data in a powerful and meaningful way. For ING Financial, we used real data to create a multitude of graphs & figures to help showcase their successes. Contact Us Today Notice:…


The challenge with selling technology is finding a simple and concise way to summarize the benefits you can bring to your customer. This is especially true when you are an amazing company like Cisco who has solutions for virtually everything. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Check Out More Samples Here…

aha Insurance

aha Insurance made us literally say “aha! these guys get it.” The team from this insurance agency came to the Geeks wanting a versatile presentation that could be used in a variety of methods: something that could be presented in person, an interactive presentation that could be sent directly to customers, and a self-playing video…

MBG International

When you’re selling the luxury lifestyle of private jets, you need a presentation that matches. We worked with MBG International to create a custom Prezi Next with a high-end magazine design incorporated with elements that showcase our client’s design approach and work. The result was a presentation that captured the perfect balance of class and professionalism.