We wanted the view to experience the effectivenss of a powerful presentation for Exor. Our team’s expert touch took flight in crafting a captivating presentation that we believe transcends the ordinary. Clean animations, tasteful transitions, and an incredibly modern look and feel.


Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-pumping world of fitness and martial arts with our captivating UFC Gym presentation. Through dynamic videos, witness the transformative journey of members as they conquer challenges, master techniques, and achieve their fitness goals, all within the high-energy and motivating environment of UFC Gym.


Our design magic weaved together the brand’s minimalist ethos, showcasing an array of versatile clothing pieces in captivating, real-life scenarios. From seamless transitions to relatable stories, this presentation transcends traditional boundaries, inviting the audience to embrace Uniqlo’s fashion-forward identity and elevate their everyday wardrobe

Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy, one of the fastest-growing hard seltzer brands in North America, is great at attracting new drinkers to their bubbly product. We drew from their colourful branding, eye-catching textures, and dynamic imagery in this presentation to showcase some of their new flavours in a way that POPS!


Hulu is one of the leading streaming platforms on the market. With an ever increasing library of original and curated programming available on any device, they needed a simple, but effective promotional kiosk style slideshow to promote their incredible pricing discounts for students. Using the contrast of blacks with a bright green accent, this deck showcases how simplicity always sells


FlexFleet needed a presentation that matched it’s branding: tough, professional and modern. We took the ruggedness and durability of their truck fleet and created a series of visual slides to showcase how grat their services are. Amazing brand, amazing presentation.


Coinbase CryptoCurrency has proven itself to be much more than a passing fad for techies. It has become a legitimite trading currency thanks to platform like Coinbase which makes it to easy. This presentation sample showcases 8 simple slides showing why Coinbase is AWESOME. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Check…