FlexFleet needed a presentation that matched it’s branding: tough, professional and modern. We took the ruggedness and durability of their truck fleet and created a series of visual slides to showcase how grat their services are. Amazing brand, amazing presentation.


Coinbase CryptoCurrency has proven itself to be much more than a passing fad for techies. It has become a legitimite trading currency thanks to platform like Coinbase which makes it to easy. This presentation sample showcases 8 simple slides showing why Coinbase is AWESOME. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Check…


Viacom When Viacom merged with CBS they needed a way to share the new opportunity with their partners in a way that elevated their already impressive brand. We designed an animated PowerPoint to present their products in an engaging and visual way. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. Check Out…

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is one of the leading education institutes in the United States. With world-renowned academic facilities, athletics programs, and student culture, it was easy to take a great product and showcase it with bold school colors and subtle animations.


Indigo Indigo has recently reinvented itself from a bookstore to something much more. Their services focus on home furnishings and houseware while still providing an exceptional collection of reading material. We wanted this presentation deck to match the clean look and style that their brand embodies. Contact Us Today Notice: JavaScript is required for this…

BC Public Emergency Preparation E-learning

E-learning courses allow for an interactive and engaging connection with your customer/team. In this example, we showcased the importance of being ready for an emergency by using contest from the BC Government Emergency Preaparation and Recovery organization. Using custom clickable pathways, videos, and quizzes, this e-course can be delivered via direct web link or incorporated into an LMS host for login and tracking purposes. E-learning sample built in Articulate Storyline 360.

Cyber Security E-Learning

Cyber Security isn’t just a flashy term for IT techs anymore. It’s a serious issue that affects all users of online information. This short sample course showcases a few basic concepts of how to stay safe and avoid common Cyber Secuirty scams. E-learning course built in Articulate 360.