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PowerPoint Presentation Design

What does your PowerPoint presentation deck say about your product or service? Does it position you as an industry leader? If not, it might be time to upgrade. The good news is that you’ve found the secret weapon for hundreds of organisations across a diverse cross section of industries. Our customers words, not ours!

When you hire the Presentation Geeks, you gain access to a team of Presentation Designers, that are university trained experts in their field who have a passion for PowerPoint presentation design. As if that’s not difficult enough to find, our designers each specialize in different skills from illustration, to motion graphics, to 3D video, and of course PowerPoint design.

Here are a few benefits to using our team to create a professional PowerPoint Presentation.

  • A PowerPoint designed by the Presentation Geeks will provide you a competitive advantage
  • Our team delivers all assets meaning that you can reuse images and illustration
  • We create custom instructional videos making future updates easy to do
  • Most organizations already have access to PowerPoint
  • Seamlessly integrate custom videos and motion graphics designed by Presentation Geeks for an increased audience engagement factor
  • Take advantage of the most current PowerPoint features

Prezi Presentation Design

Why are more customers choosing to use Prezi to make their next big presentation? If created by professional Prezi Designers, using Prezi can help you bring some of that cool factor into your presentation. 

Although there are many differences between PowerPoint and Prezi the fundamental difference that most audience members will catch is something called “Motion Parallax” to create a feeling of depth. In short, when the foreground moves more than the background, it makes tour presentation feel three dimensional. If professionally designed, this feature can help the audience to feel “immersed” in your presentation. If designed poorly, it can cause your audience to feel like they are on a roller coaster. This is where our team can help.  

We have created thousands of Prezi Presentations and spent tens of thousands of hours learning and perfecting our craft.  As Presentation Geeks, we are always looking to use our skills for good. When you hire the our team to help you develop a Prezi Presentation, you get to benefit from all of our Prezi development experience, and more.

Here are a few benefits to using our team to create a Professional Prezi Presentation.

  • Get a Presentation Geeks, custom designed, Prezi them aligned with your branding
  • Presentation Geeks can deliver your presentation as a link, downloaded locally, and enable you presented remotely*
  • Presentation Geeks can guide help you embed your Prezi into your websites
  • Making future changes to your Prezi will automatically update all other occurrences
  • Presentation Geeks can design your Prezi to be presented in non-linearly, enabling you to choose which topics to present on the fly, skip over, or repeat sections based on what your audience is interested in.

Content & Media Creation

As our name suggests, you might believe we specialize in Presentation design. Although this is true, each of our graphic design team is incredibly talented and routinely creates additional content pieces for many of our customers. 

Some of our additional design services include:

  • Custom Presentation Handouts
  • Print and digital brochure design
  • Custom Motion Graphics & Animations
  • Email blasts
  • Illustrated Infographics
  • Training Manuals
  • Video Production
  • Slideshows
  • More...
Online Learning & Design Icon in Computer

Online Learning & Design

Online learning has become an integral part of many organization’s Learning and Development plans. Nothing beats a face to face course from an engaging facilitator, but an online learning experience developed by the Presentation Geeks comes close. With professionally designed online course content immersed with video, narration, interactive activities and quizzes, taking part in self-directed learning has never been so engaging. 

Our online course development process is simple. First, we set up a meeting with your team to discuss your training objectives, delivery method, and the starting point. Then we put the Geeks to work. We can deliver course assets as stand-alone presentations, or as a SCORM file that easily plugs into an existing Learning Management System (LMS). Developing online learning for your team, or for sale has never been easier.  

Here are a few benefits of  using our team to develop Online Learning

  • Online Learning provides consistent training experience across your entire organization
  • Our team members include professionally trained teachers and understand how to deliver information in a way that is easily retainable
  • Our designers can create everything from simple layout to animation and everything in between
  • We have experience working with multiple Learning Management Platforms (LMS) and can help support you every step of the way
  • Save time and money automating course delivery, and using reports to manage employees
  • Convert your face to face training into a scalable solution

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