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PowerPoint Design

Presentations Elevated & Reimagined.

What does your PowerPoint presentation deck say about your product or service? Does it position you as an industry leader? If not, it might be time to upgrade. The good news is that you’ve found the secret weapon for hundreds of organisations across a diverse cross section of industries. Our customers words, not ours!

E-Learning Solutions

The future of training & education is e-learning.  We can help.

Online learning has become an integral part of many organization’s Learning and Development plans. Nothing beats a face to face course from an engaging facilitator, but an online learning experience developed by the Presentation Geeks comes close. With professionally designed online course content immersed with video, narration, interactive activities and quizzes, taking part in self-directed learning has never been so engaging.

Google Slides

Creating Engaging Google Presentations.

Working with clients to build incredible, professional Google Slides presentations is something we geek out about! We work with our clients to build slide themes and input necessary information into their presentations. Each presentation we create is unique and focuses on building your brand and reaching your audience, while also reaching the personal goals and standards you have.

Sizzle Reels

Making Memorable First Impressions.

We help our clients create punchy sizzle reels that showcase their unique personality and professionalism within 90 seconds. Our team works with our clients to create a captivating demo reel that leaves long-lasting positive impressions over a short amount of time. Our sizzle reels allow you to promote a product or brand in a unique, exciting way.

Prezi Design

Cloud-Based, Conversational Presentations with a Visual Impact.

Why are more customers choosing to use Prezi to make their next big presentation? If created by professional Prezi Designers, using Prezi can help you bring some of that cool factor into your presentation.

Motion Graphics

Building Custom Graphics And Animations.

Every presentation project can benefit from professionally executed motion graphics. We collaborate with our clients to build custom motion graphics animations that help build brands and elevate traditional presentations. If you’re looking to create a unique motion graphics video that can enhance your brand and marketing tactics, you’ve come to the right place.

Brochure Design

A Fresh Take On A Traditional Tool.

Our brochure design experts have brought brochures and pamphlets into the digital age by using creative digital tools to create attractive, informative brochures for our clients. We collaborate with our clients and tailor our designs to their vision while laying out information in an easily accessible, understandable format.

Training Manuals

Producing Professional Training Materials.

We create impressive training manuals for our clients who are looking for engaging materials for their employees. Our training manuals provide all the necessary information and tools for success. We work directly with our clients to ensure accuracy and a polished piece of educational material that is functional for years to come.


Laying Out Information In An Innovative Way.

We create visually interesting infographics that display information and statistics using visual elements designed by our team of experts. Our infographics make learning fun, but also bring a cohesive message to life. We collaborate with our clients to ensure accuracy in our infographics and we strive to create appealing, eye-catching materials that are easy for everyone to understand.

3D Modeling & Animation

Putting Together Impressive Animated Videos

We use our expertise to create extraordinary 3D animated videos for our clients who are looking for something unique. Our team of designers collaborates on character and world design to bring your ideas to life in an interesting way that connects with your audience. We use our skills in presentational design to create amazing 3D videos that tell your story in a visually stunning way.

Digital Design Solutions

On-screen or on in-hand, we’ll make it pop!

As our name suggests, you might believe we specialize in Presentation design. Although this is true, each of our graphic design team is incredibly talented and routinely creates additional content pieces for many of our customers.

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