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The best way to understand what a custom e-learning solution can do for your team or customers is to try one out. Check out this sample e-learning course designed for the BC Goverment to teach people how to prepare themselves for an emergency situation.

Your e-learning course can be hosted directly on any website or placed into an LMS system where user engagement can be tracked and evaluated.


What is e-learning?

E-learning in its most basic form is the digital transformation of your existing training courses into online training. It has come a long way in recent years and can seem confusing initially, but e-learning can be broken down into two simple parts, the e-Learning courses and the the Learning Management System (LMS) that houses it.

1) The e-Learning courses

These are the custom e-learning courses that you want to create.

2) The Learning Management System (LMS)

This is a platform used to host and assign the e-learning courses.

Both of these can vary greatly in cost and complexity, but also in the benefits they yield. For these reasons we’ve developed a customer-focused approach to our online development services. It’s important to find custom e-learning development solutions that match your business goals.

At Presentation Geeks, we’ve developed custom e-learning solutions for a wide range of amazing companies. Before we dive into the e-learning course development process, let’s take a look at 5 key benefits of custom e-learning development.

We Specialize in e-learning solutions

We develop customized e-learning solutions designed to meet your organization's real world learning requirements. Together we can help you create an unparalleled learning experience and provide your organization with an industry-leading training program.

5 Key Benefits of Custom E-learning Development

Today, most organizations are looking for ways to streamline costs and add value to their bottom line. Spending time and resources to build new training solutions might not seem, at least initially, like a top priority. “We could keep training the way that we’ve always done it…” Unfortunately, that is often the least cost-effective form of training.

Here are 5 benefits that a company can get from investing in custom e-learning development.

1. A Scalable Training Solution

As a business grows, more time will be dedicated to training new employees. If training is done by leaders throughout the business, more of their time will be taken away from their core job functions. Not only is their time costly, but missed opportunities can negatively impact day-to-day business. A Learning Management System which can be set up to automatically assign custom e-learning courses based on an employee's role can replace much of this cost.

2. Better Learning Experiences

During the e-learning course development process you can develop a consistent learning experience. Learning materials are focused on the key learning objectives that allow your new employee to be successful. As your training program is rolled out, learner experiences across your organization become more standardized.

3. Lower Turnover

Companies that invest in training often benefit from lower employee turnover. According to, replacing an entry-level employee costs between 30% and 50% of their annual salary. Losing a leader who has been delivering instructor-led training can be a big loss unless your training is centralized.

4. Reporting

When you switch from paper-based training to e-learning, you get the benefit of digital reporting. Reports on course completion, grades, pass/fail, and just about any other metric you can think of can be created and sent to the key stakeholders.

5. Tracking & Liability

For topics such as Safety, HR, and other compliance training topics, having a quick way to demonstrate your employees have been trained can be a large benefit. Using a Learning Management System, you can take it a step forward and track certifications, expiry dates, and even re-assign courses at pre-determined expiry dates.

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Getting started with custom e-learning course development

STEP 1: Gather Existing Training Resources

Getting started is often the hardest part. A good place to start is by reviewing your e-learning goals. What practical skills do you need to develop training for? If it's for a role that doesn't already have formalized training, a job description could be a good place to look. If there are resources, start to pull them all together. Reach out to subject matter experts in the company who currently lead this training, and ask them if they have any existing training content.

STEP 2:Create a Course Outline

Once you have gathered all of your existing content, it's time to develop your course outline. This is just a list of the topics you want to cover and in the order that makes the most sense to the learning. According to adult learning principles, it's beneficial to an adult learner's skill development to include some context in your when you develop courses. This helps the learner to pull from past experiences and use them as reference points, reinforcing the custom e-learning content. Now that you've gathered all the training materials and developed a course outline, are there any gaps where you might need some content development? If time is not on your side, our project management team can provide support in this area.

STEP 3: Contact Presentation Geeks

Now it's time to start developing the actual course. We will work with you to determine a cost-effective custom e-learning design while ensuring that you engage learners throughout. Here are a few of the ways that our expert designers can design custom content that can motivate learners:


Tapping into auditory and visual learning styles, a video helps a learner better understand a concept. Just ask Youtube.


Boost knowledge retention by harnessing game mechanics such as drag and drop, matching, flashcards, interactive role-playing, and more.


Our highly capable designers create custom e-learning courses that are branded to your organization's requirements preserving the experience of your company culture throughout.


There are many learning management systems on the market. We've worked with many different ones to help organizations host their courses. After looking at all the things that we love about a number of different Learning Management Systems, we've poured our favorite features into our own! We love it so much that we recommend it to all of our customers, however if you are currently using a different platform, we are happy to work with your current provider.

The Presentation Geeks Learning Management System is the smart way to host your e-learning courses, role our courses and gain insight through reporting. Here's a few reasons why people love it.


It Scales With Your Company

Just pay for the users you need. Prices starting at $5 per user/month


We Brand It For You

Your learners will believe your team developed your own platform!


Single Sign-On

Once your learners are signed into your company's site, they don't have to sign in to the platform again, saving them time searching for old passwords.


It's Simple to Use

In fact, once we set it up we will send you customized instructions so that you can add users, assign courses, and download reports on your own.



Accepts multiple file-formats including SCORM, PowerPoint, Mp4.

How much does custom e-learning cost?

As discussed above, there are two factors to consider when looking into setting up custom e-learning . The first price to consider when looking at custom e-learning solutions is the cost of e-learning course development. This can range in price depending on a few factors such as course length, video development, custom illustrations, and interactivity. Using one of our creative e-learning templates prices typically start at $10,000 per course and up to around $50,000 for a custom course that is highly interactive with video and custom interactivity throughout.

The second factor to consider is the price of hosting. The Presentation Geeks LMS starts at $5 per user/month.



E-learning provides consistent training experience across your entire organization

Don't worry about software development if you don’t have an e-learning system, we have a solution for you

Taking courses on a virtual platform allows students to create the schedule they want and access the learning resources they need whenever have free time or the energy to focus

We have corporate training experience in multiple industries

Save time and money automating course delivery, and using reports to manage employees

We have experience working with multiple Learning Management Platforms (LMS) and can help support you every step of the way

Development of an online learning course and packaged in a format that is easy to upload to your Learning Management System

All clients will be provided with a dedicated project manager to ensure project performance exceeds expectations and is delivered on time and on budget

Our team members include professionally trained teachers and understand how to deliver information in a way that is easily retainable

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