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In this example, we showcase the importance of being ready for an emergency. This was created for BC Government Emergency Preparation and Recovery.

Using custom clickable pathways, videos, and quizzes, this e-course can be delivered via direct web link or incorporated into an LMS host for login and tracking purposes. Try it out for yourself.

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Custom eLearning Solutions

Our eLearning courses are completely unique with no templated design.

Education Led Design

We design e-learning modules with the end goal at the forefront - retain information and learn.

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No matter the industry, we create thought-leadership grade eLearning solutions.

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A company grows and performs its best when its team and employees are set up for success. Setting your team up for success begins with proper education and training. Over the last few years, the job marketplace has proven the traditional workplace is no longer what it used to be. In order for your company to provide the proper training content, you need to adopt custom eLearning solutions.

At Presentation Geeks, our creative team of instructional designers have extensive background knowledge in education and adult learning principles. Combined with our exceptional creative design with presentations, we are able to create a customized eLearning solution for immersive learning experiences that help with achieving learning objectives which in turn help produce impactful business outcomes. We can help you produce enterprise level corporate training programs, simulated classroom training programs, instructor led training programs and more that will keep your learners engaged and increase knowledge retention.

Set your company up for success by setting your team up for success with custom eLearning solutions. 


Top industry leaders have trusted their custom eLearning development needs with Presentation Geeks. Now, it’s your turn to get the help of Presentation Geeks for all your custom eLearning development needs. Click on any example below to test the full E-Learning Course.


REASON 1: High Quality

More brands are working with PresentationGeeks because we provide high-quality instructional design using the newest eLearning technologies. Other eLearning courses use outdated learning management systems so when organizations think they are getting ahead of the curve by embracing new training solutions, they are really not. They are not getting the best custom eLearning development solutions but instead getting generic, templated eLearning programs reproduced over and over again with different tweaks to branding.

REASON 2: Extensive Knowledge

Paired with our extensive knowledge on education, learning theory and how people learn the best, we are able to provide innovative approaches when we build custom eLearning solutions. What's the point in investing in training courses when the design agency does not understand basic learning concepts such as training objectives? We are able to provide a robust learning solution which assess knowledge retention to make sure training needs are being met which will have a direct effect on business goals.

REASON 3: Everything Is Custom

Lastly, we use completely custom content when developing your educational material. Even in an extensive library of templates focused on eLearning solutions, you won't find our work being duplicated. Custom eLearning development is an art and it's something we take very seriously. Custom courses have been proven to increase learner performance since information is not recycled and easily found online. It requires the participant to be fully engaged with the eLearning software. This is why custom eLearning content development is so important.

Our robust processes and process control have allowed us to help our corporate clients spearhead the digital transformation of mobile learning. Let us help you enter the new workforce era by creating custom training solutions.


Our team of developers and designers have cross-industry experience creating countless custom learning solutions. Every industry has its own unique needs for a customized e-learning solution and we are confident we will be able to provide you with exactly what you're looking for. To help you navigate our service offerings, we have broken down a few of the types of e-learning courses we can help develop for you.

Virtual Instructor Led Training

Virtual instructor led training is a great blended learning alternative which embraces mobile learning while still allowing participants to improve on their soft skills. This style of training allows for rapid development in performance improvement since it isn't fully self-guided and participants will still have access to a professional they can ask real-time questions to.

Safety Training

Our most popular custom eLearning solution is safety training development. We put a heavy emphasis on learning objectives to ensure participants fully comprehend the content of the custom eLearning module as safety is a huge priority. We want to ensure once participants have completed the custom eLearning content, they will be able to enter the workforce fully prepared.

Leadership Training

If you need an executive level customized e-learning solution, we can help produce training geared toward emerging leaders. As your business begins to expand and enter new markets, acquiring leadership to manage this growth will be a challenge your company will need to face. Mitigate the growing pains by proactively having the proper training for leadership in place.

Simulated Classroom Training

Similar to virtual instructor led training, simulated classroom training is a great opportunity for group setting learning. We often see simulated classroom training applied in the context of scenario based learning which is great for micro learning. Participants can collaborate with one another and bounce new ideas off of each other.

Corporate Training

We offer more generic eLearning development solutions. Corporate training can be geared to educate participants on anything corporate related. This could be related to corporate policy, diversity and inclusion or even truth and reconciliation training. If you require unique training content specific to your corporate needs, we can help you navigate your needs for an appropriate learning solution.

Compliance Training

One of the final learning solutions we offer is compliance training. If you operate in a niche-specific industry such as real estate, healthcare or law, we can provide educational modules with a focus on compliance standards to ensure your company mitigates breaches and maintains its image as an industry leader.


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