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The Future is Now: Online Learning & Design

The future of education and training is changing. More schools and businesses around the world are now switching to online learning solutions for their education and training needs. As mobile learning grows, more advantages arise from using e-solutions. The only thing that seems to dissuade organizations and companies from switching to e-learning is the knowledge, skills, and time that needs to be dedicated to developing remote learning courses.

Presentation Geeks is a presentation company that specializes in e-learning solutions. We have created many new resources for e-learning courses including videos, presentations, graphics, interactive activities, and more. We have the knowledge, skills, and training to create high-quality learning solutions. Contact us today for more information!

An Engaging Learning Solution

Video conferencing is only one of many e-learning solutions available, but most organizations don’t have the technology, software, or training to create other solutions. Let our experienced graphic design professionals help make your courses engaging. Our services extend to many solutions including but not limited to:
These solutions offer more interaction to the senses than the typical video lecture; they offer audio communication, visual stimulation, and skill testing. This is incredibly important because many users use different learning strategies. Visual, auditory, and tactile learners will enjoy the comprehensive learning experience they gain with infographics, videos, and presentations. Quizzes, tools, and software will provide all students with the ability to develop their training.
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The Process Simplified

Our e-learning development process is simple. First, we set up a meeting with clients to talk about their training objectives, delivery method, and starting point. Then we put our Geeks to work.

Our skilled team will create videos, graphics, and other solutions for your courses to help with language, learning, and development. All communication will be simple and easy to understand, relevant to your selected industry, and focused on meeting your unique requirements.

Once we have finished development, customers have the opportunity to review the solutions and their performance. If they are satisfied with our services, we will hit enter and begin finalizing the project. If there are any revisions needed, our team will make them. Developing engaging online learning for your team or for sale has never been easier!

Teach With Presentation Geeks

Not sure where to start? Give us a call to discuss your goals and any challenges you may face. We understand that creating online learning courses may be a new challenge your organization is facing, and our goal is to help you find a way to turn your new goal into a reality. It doesn’t matter if you are managing everything on a spreadsheet, or already have an e-learning system developed, we can help you no matter what stage you are at.

One of the biggest questions we get about e-learning and design is “how much will this cost?” Well, you might be surprised to learn that we can develop online learning solutions for only slightly more than the development of a presentation. When looking at the total cost to deliver in-person training, oftentimes the development of an online course works out to be pretty similar, with the exception that your e-course can be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people at no additional cost. In fact, we challenge you to add up the true cost of your face-to-face course and call our team to find out how much the development of e-course costs. You might be surprised!

Solutions For Every Learning Management System

No matter what technology your industry uses, our services can be adapted. We can deliver course assets as stand-alone presentations, or as a SCORM file that easily plugs into an existing Learning Management System (LMS). Many companies like to boast their experience creating e-learning solutions for a variety of Learning Management Systems, but few can help organizations that have little experience operating an LMS. Presentation Geeks’ staff have experience working with various LMS tools. We can help customers upload their learning solutions and tools to their e-courses with ease.
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E-learning provides consistent training experience across your entire organization

Don't worry about software development if you don’t have an e-learning system, we have a solution for you

Taking courses on a virtual platform allows students to create the schedule they want and access the learning resources they need whenever have free time or the energy to focus

We have corporate training experience in multiple industries

Save time and money automating course delivery, and using reports to manage employees

We have experience working with multiple Learning Management Platforms (LMS) and can help support you every step of the way

Development of an online learning course and packaged in a format that is easy to upload to your Learning Management System

All clients will be provided with a dedicated project manager to ensure project performance exceeds expectations and is delivered on time and on budget

Our team members include professionally trained teachers and understand how to deliver information in a way that is easily retainable

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