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Take Your Employee Training To The Next Level

Professional development is essential in the modern workforce. Learning helps businesses stay ahead of the curve, allows professionals to update and expand their skills, and more. You need employee training, so why not choose an affordable, fast, and exciting way to teach your employees? Presentation Geeks can offer an intuitive solution for your training and development needs.

Presentation Geeks is a graphic design and digital solutions company that specializes in e-learning solutions. Using videos, powerpoints, infographics, and other e-learning solutions, we can transform your training courses into exciting and interactive ways to learn. Our team of skilled graphic designers can create custom designs that match your business’s branding and fulfills your training needs. Contact us today to learn how we can take your employee training to the next level.

You don't need face-to-face interaction for professional development. Online employee training is a fast and effective way to train your employees.

Expert Online Learning Solutions

With the shift to remote work, many companies now need to adapt their training process. While online courses seem like a great solution, many employers are unfamiliar with the development process. They don’t have the technology, training, or skills needed to make e-learning solutions. Our experienced graphic designers can design training content for your organization.

At Presentation Geeks, we have both the hard and the soft skills to make informational and aesthetically pleasing e-learning solutions. Our team can sit down with learning and development departments to understand the objectives of their e-learning. Our Geeks can then incorporate this information into our designs in an easy-to-understand way.

Our team has worked with many companies looking for professional e-learning solutions for their employees and has had nothing but success. We look forward to working with you to design thoughtful and engaging online courses for your employees.

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Why Choose Online Training

Conventional employee training and development is time-consuming and expensive. Training usually takes place in a classroom setting where employers or a guest speaker lectures employees. An entire day or more has to be booked off for teaching, causing companies to fall behind in their operations. Your company is paying to lose money when you use traditional training methods. It simply isn’t logical.

An online training program is a superior approach to employee training. There are many benefits you and your employees can enjoy when you use e-learning. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose online courses for your business:

89% of employees want training anywhere and anytime they want — online e-learning is a great solution.

E-Learning Solutions For Every Learning Style

Traditional learning is usually designed around lectures and reading. While these have been the most widely used ways to learn, they are not very effective. While some staff may thrive with these teaching styles, other employees will need a training method that will include audio, visual, and kinesthetic components—the three main learning styles.

Online employee training is a great solution. When companies incorporate all three learning styles into their e-learning programs, it benefits employees and the entire organization. Employees are more likely to remember and use the skills and knowledge that they learned during their courses. As a result, employees can do their jobs better and companies can reap the benefits.

A huge advantage of using online employee training solutions is that all learning styles can be accommodated. Our e-learning design services include but are not limited to:

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The Course Development Process

The Initial Discussion

First, a dedicated content creator will set up a meeting with your company to discuss your business goals. We learn about the new skills that you want to teach your employees, what delivery method you would like to utilize and more. This discussion will allow our employees to begin development.

Course Development

This is when we put our Geeks to work! Our skilled team will create infographics, videos, powerpoints, and other e-learning solutions to help you train employees. Your learning objectives will be the center of our work.

Revisions and Refining

Once we have finished developing your e-learning solutions for your online course, we will send them to you for review. We can make revisions until you are satisfied with the finished product. Then, we will hand the finished products over to you to integrate into your learning management systems (LMS).

Work With Presentation Geeks

Our e-learning design company takes a collaborative approach to design. We work together to translate your ideas into educational and engaging solutions for your employees. Your business can benefit from our experience and expertise.

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