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Digital Motion Graphics Built To Enhance Your Marketing Message

Motion graphics and animation design have become an integral part of creating a unique, impactful marketing strategy for companies around the world. One of the main benefits of motion graphics videos is that they allow your audience to connect with your company or product on a visual level. Businesses can develop brand awareness and promote their products or services through studio-based 2D and 3D video animation. As a result, customers form a connection with your company.

Utilize Our Expertise

Presentation Geeks has years of experience in animation and motion design. With each client we take on, we work closely with them to create clearly defined style elements like logos, animations, and promotional videos. These motion graphics help drive that company’s target audience to their website and meet their measurable goals. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive marketing services!

Service From Conception To Completion

Script, Storyboard & Creative Direction

Our team of artists works with you to make a motion graphics video you can be proud of. Our senior marketing manager starts by determining the art direction that you want to take. Our designers then write your script and storyboard to make your life easier. After, we create a visually appealing story which we showcase to you. We then let you choose the creative design that works best for your motion graphics animation video.

Video Sound Design

A key component to creating amazing animation and motion graphics is sound design. Our sound design team works in conjunction with our motion design team to create the most impactful soundtrack for your animation videos.

The Video Animation Stage

After completing the sound design and blueprint stage, we get to work creating your animation videos. This is where we get to flex our animation skills and work as artists to produce an amazing final product for you and your clients. You can trust that our animation and motion graphics studio will work to bring your vision to life.

Comprehensive Motion Design Services

Every digital marketing manager knows how important it is to include visual components in their marketing strategy. Many people are visual learners, and visual aspects like video and graphics tend to grab people’s attention in such a way that text can’t. There is no better way to tell special stories and capture your audience’s attention with motion graphics videos.

We offer a variety of motion graphic and video services so you can tell your special stories, educate your audience and promote your brand with ease. Here are some examples of what we can make for your company:

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Service From Conception To Completion

Using Top Motion Graphics Studios To Your Advantage

By using studio-based 3D animation, you’re making it easier for your clients and consumers to understand what you’re saying. They may be more inclined to learn more about a service if they have a fun motion graphic video to watch. Using a motion graphics agency ensures that your information is displayed cohesively and concisely that is easy for your audience to understand.

The Top Motion Graphics Videos Can Simplify a Complex Topic

You might be apprehensive about hiring a motion graphics designer or agency. You might even be worried that using motion graphics creation services will make your video too complicated. But, in reality, the goal of a motion graphics studio or animation studio is to produce high-quality animation that is easy to watch.

The best motion graphics companies and studios around the world use simple images to convey meaningful messages. We know that simple designs can be the most impactful. That’s why we prioritize creating a clean, sleek video design for your audience.

Motion Design Services By Presentation Geeks

Our unique portfolio of marketing endeavors gives us an edge at Presentation Geeks. We’re not just a motion graphics company – motion graphics animation is only part of what we do! Presentation Geeks can make an entire marketing plan at your request. We can use our wealth of knowledge about the marketing industry to help create a successful marketing plan for your business.

More Than Just A Motion Graphics Company

Typically, a motion graphics agency focuses on only one aspect of video creation. This is where Presentation Geeks stands out. Our team specializes in full marketing programs including brochures, presentations, infographics, and digital design solutions. We can produce a stunning and comprehensive video and marketing campaign for your clients to see.

Put Presentation Geeks To Work

There’s no need to hire an expensive motion graphics studio from San Francisco or Santa Monica. Hiring our team as a motion graphics production company means you get more than a traditional animation studio. We’ll collaborate with you to make a 3d motion graphics video that matches exactly what you wanted and exceeds your standards.

Here’s what you can expect from Presentation Geeks:

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Get in touch with us today to learn more about our experience in the marketing industry. We’re proud leaders in presentation creation and would love to hear from you about what goals you want to achieve through your marketing endeavors. We have incredible clients and can’t wait to add you and your company as one!

Our motion graphic artists see graphic design as a tool to skyrocket your brand to its full potential.
Whether your goal is to increase sales, advertise your brand to your audience, or make explainer videos, our dedicated team can help with your motion graphics projects. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our motion graphics studio!