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Motion Graphics Built To Enhance Marketing Opportunities

Motion graphics and animation design have become an integral part of creating a unique, impactful marketing strategy for companies around the world. Using motion graphics studios to create incredible motion graphics videos allows your audience to connect with your company or product on a visual level. It allows people to experience a story and allows businesses to create a brand identity and promote brand awareness through studio-based 2D and 3D animation.

Utilize Our Expertise

Our team of motion graphics and motion design experts will make your animated video shine and delight clients and business directors.

Our motion graphic artists see graphic design as a tool to skyrocket small and large businesses to their full potential.

We use our expertise and work with each client to create clearly defined style elements like logo animations and music videos that drive audiences to your website and meet your company goals. Our motion design studio is equipped with motion graphics artists and state-of-the-art tools and equipment that are patiently waiting to create your visual masterpiece. Contact us today to learn more about our extensive marketing services and make real progress!

Service From Conception To Completion

Script, Storyboard & Creative Direction

Our team of artists works with you to create a motion graphics video you can be proud of. We start by determining the art direction you want to take. Our designers create your script and storyboard to make your life easier. We work to create a visually appealing story and use our experience and portfolio to showcase the work we’ve done to you and let you come up with a creative design that works best for your motion graphics animation video.

Sound Design

A key component to creating the best motion graphics is sound design. Our sound design team works in conjunction with our motion design team to create the most optimal and impactful motion graphics services. We work to create the right vibe for your promotional video. Sound is an integral part of motion graphics creation and working with our team of animators and creatives allows you to create a unique score for your video.

The Animation Stage

After completing the sound design and blueprint stage, we get to work on animating your company video. We bring your ideas to our animation studio and collaborate with our team of designers and animators to bring your vision to life. This is where we really get to flex our animation skills and work as artists to create something truly wonderful for your clients in our motion graphics studio.

Motion Design Creates New Tools

Have you ever watched a video and get swarmed with stats? Have you ever found it hard to understand what a video may be referring to when speaking in terms of numbers and data?

The best motion graphics give us something that words cannot. Some people are more visual learners and benefit from seeing things laid out in an infographic or charts. That’s where motion graphics videos come into play.

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Service From Conception To Completion

Using Motion Graphics Studios To Your Advantage

By using studio-based 3D animation, you’re actually making it easier for your clients and consumers to understand what you’re saying. They may be more inclined to learn more about a service if they have a fun motion graphic video to use as a reference when looking at your sales numbers or testimonials. Using a motion graphics agency ensures that your information is displayed in a cohesive, concise way that is easy for your audience to understand.

The Best Motion Graphics Videos Can Simplify a Complex Topic

You might be apprehensive about hiring a motion graphics designer or agency. You might even be worried that using motion graphics creation services will make your video too complicated. The idea of using a motion graphics studio or animation studio is to get quality animation that is easy to watch. One thing motion graphics studios know is that simple designs can be the most impactful. Independent motion graphic creators can take things too far in terms of design and product information. Keeping a clean, sleek design in your text and any number you may use can create a better overall result.

Motion graphics companies and studios around the world use simple images to convey meaningful messages. Designers see 3D animation as a useful tool that can help businesses make a buck and drive clicks to their website. In fact, many people on social media will click on an ad and visit a website just because it has a lot of cool design elements or a short video that is pleasing to the eye.

Motion Design Services By Presentation Geeks

Our unique portfolio of marketing endeavors gives us an edge at Presentation Geeks. We’re not just a motion graphics company or motion graphics agency – we create an entire marketing plan for our clients. Motion graphics animation is only part of what we do! We use our wealth of knowledge pertaining to the marketing industry to help create a successful marketing plan for your business.

More Than Just A Motion Graphics Company

Typically, a motion graphics agency focuses on only one aspect of motion graphics video creation. Our team specializes in full marketing programs to lead to a better quality video for your clients to see. We work with designers on all aspects of creating marketing plans to suit you and your business. We use our expertise in unique ways to help you reach any marketing goals you may have for your company.

Put Presentation Geeks To Work For You

Hiring our team as a motion graphics production company means you get more than a traditional 3D animation studio. We’ll collaborate with you to create your ideal graphics video in our studio based in Vancouver B.C. You don’t need to hire a New York motion graphics studio to get exceptional results from a video marketing campaign. Collaborate with amazing directors working in our studios to make your video the way you envision it.

3D animation is the cutting edge of marketing tools and our directors and artists are here to create exceptional quality that you would expect from motion graphics studios while using professional equipment in our studio to deliver to your high standards.

Collaborating with a motion graphics artist at Presentation Geeks means working with professionals who take their motion graphics video production skills seriously and are always working to improve their video skills to create innovative motion graphic video articles for you to drive clicks to your website.

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Get in touch with us today to learn more about our experience in the marketing industry. We’re proud leaders in presentation creation and would love to hear from you about what goals you want to achieve through your marketing endeavors. We have incredible clients and can’t wait to add you and your company as one!