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Are you struggling with your PowerPoint Presentation Design? Are your slides filled with paragraphs of text, endless bullet points, and lack the visuals needed to support your message? Designing a PowerPoint Presentation that matches your vision can be a tricky thing to do unless you have a geek on your side. Our designers have helped hundreds of people design stunning presentations with visuals that tell amazing stories.

When you hire the Presentation Geeks, you gain access to a team of Presentation Designers that are trained experts in their field who have a passion for PowerPoint presentation design. As if that’s not difficult enough to find, our designers each specialize in different skills from illustration, to motion graphics, to 3D video, and of course PowerPoint design.

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Our highly trained team of graphic designers can work with you no matter how far along in the powerpoint development process you are. We will help you to build a storyboard for your ideas, and create dynamic PowerPoint slides designed to engage and elevate. Typically the entire process takes 2 to 4 weeks, and can include specific branding, graphics, or images. Whether you are looking for a world class PowerPoint design, or one that simply needs to get the job done, we can help.

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Development of a custom design PowerPoint theme based on your presentation goals

Usage of PowerPoint animations to create engaging slides

Inclusion of corporate brand guidelines

Industry standard platform means your team can easily make changes to ther deck once we pass it off to you

Creative input to convert text heavy slides into stunning graphics

Inclusion of motion graphics to create even more wow factor


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We all have been there – staring at a PowerPoint deck without the slightest clue where to begin. Perhaps you toyed around with PowerPoint slides throughout your University career but this time it’s different. You have to deliver a truly impressive PowerPoint presentation in front of very important people and you cannot afford looking like a failure. Perhaps you are presenting a new project or a sales pitch. Presentation Geeks have your back!


You have a lot on your plate so spending valuable time trying to develop a powerful and visually pleasing PowerPoint deck was not part of your plan. This is where we come in. Our job is to create outstanding PowerPoint presentations to deliver you a professional, uniquely-designed presentation that will blow everyone away. Spend your time preparing for your PowerPoint presentation rather than learning how to design it. Well prepared presentations account for 50% of your success so let professionals take care of the technical part.

Whether you need more of a visual presentation to add some weight to your speech or a thoroughly researched one filled with facts and numbers, we will design your PowerPoint presentation that will look exactly like you intended it to. We will work closely with you so you will be able to control the entire process without any unpleasant surprises.


PowerPoint slides should contain focal points to convey the message to your audience. They must also contain visual representations of your message that best support your key points. It should not be just a separate set of images and sentences but instead should flow with your speech and form a symbiosis. Visual representation of your speech when done right will aid you in sending your message across that will deliver desirable results. When it comes to great speech – not only WHAT you say counts, but also HOW you say it. Presentation Geeks will help you say it right.


When it comes to business it is expected that you will use an appealing PowerPoint presentation to support your message. A lot of the times corporate PowerPoint presentations serve not only as visuals, but also as hand-outs that are given at the end of the meeting. What this means is that when preparing presentation for business you should make sure that it not only looks good but also forms a summary of the message you aim to convey.

There are many factors that influence the quality of your presentation. Firstly, the structure of your entire presentation and how it will complement your speech: it is crucial that PowerPoint supports what you are saying and is structured the right way. Another important factor is balancing out number of visuals and text: if you use too much text then your audience will spend time reading your slides as opposed to listening to what you are saying. However visuals alone are not always informative enough and cannot form focal points of your message. So the secret is to use a combination of visuals and text that will deliver your message and won’t make your presentation boring. Last but not least, your choice of fonts and colors is an important contributing factor to a successful corporate PowerPoint presentation.

Presentation Geeks will be happy to lead you through the entire process of creating a professional and powerful PowerPoint presentation. You can contact us about your corporate PowerPoint presentation via email or phone call and we will work closely with you to deliver great results that you will be proud of.

We have made thousands of presentations to date and know all the ins and outs. Read our success stories and browse our portfolio – and find out just how much PowerPoint presentation experts can do for your business.