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When Prezi unveiled it’s new Prezi Next platform, a lot of things changed.  The new Prezi Next platform has increased stability across multiple platforms, has advanced analytic tracking, and provides additional presenter features to make you the star.  However, unfortunately, there is no automatic way to convert your old Prezi Classic to the new Prezi Next format.  Each slide needs to be built from scratch.  This can be a time-consuming process, especially if you are not overly familiar navigating the Next system.

Luckily Presentation Geeks has the expertise and experience to take your current Prezi Classic and turn it into a modern Prezi Next.  Call or email us today to learn more about what we can do for your presentation conversion.

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They put together an excellent presentation for us in Prezi and were very good to work with.
Debra Carbone
Debra Carbone
12:37 15 Apr 19
Presentation Geeks are amazing to work with. They easily met all of my expectations and needs. I cannot day enough they did an impeccable job helping my project really take off.g I appreciate their attention to detail and quick turnaround on my short deadline. Thank you to Justin and Presentation Geeks for turning my project into such a great experience!
Paul Coselli
Paul Coselli
21:09 27 Oct 18
Very high end top shelf design company! I have worked with others and they sell the best and service the rest. I brought an exiting PREZI that was "ok" and they created something outstanding with it. They came in on budget, on time and probably the best part was that the few edits I requested were quickly added and with a smile. My PREZI is used for a sales presentation and the responses from prospects has been "your presentation is unique and engaging" Priceless in the sales arena!!!!
Scott Trainer
Scott Trainer
15:50 03 Jan 19
I cant thank these guys enough I gave them a task at short notice they fitted my presentation in and dam they made it look so amazing i was blown away. Great guys to deal with highly recommend.Time zone was a bit of a issue as this made them have less time to complete the job but that didnt bother them they did it
Shaneen Kane
Shaneen Kane
04:29 04 Aug 18
Liz and the Presentation Geeks team delivered a fantastic presentation on a very tight schedule. I was under a tight deadline to get an old Prezi converted to the new format, and update the look to make it fit with our branding. They did exactly what they promised. If I could give them 10 stars I would.
Mark Redmond
Mark Redmond
17:27 10 Aug 18


You have spent years designing hundreds of Prezi Classic presentations and now that Prezi Next is out you are probably wondering how you can migrate your Classic presentations into Next. Unfortunately there is no easy way to convert your presentations from one version of software to the next. While you can keep both products, it is not always convenient as technology is moving forward. You probably will want to use some of the new features while updating your current Prezi presentations.

While surfing the net you have probably come across certain tutorials that seem rather complicated and time-consuming. To experts at Presentation Geeks this is an easy task. So instead of investing a lot of time and effort into learning how to convert yourself, rely on us for an easy conversion of all your Prezi presentations into brand-new advanced Prezi Next software version.


Prezi Next is a new presentation platform that was launched to replace the previous Prezi Classic presentation software version. While there are many similarities between these two versions, there are some major differences between them, with the most prominent one being that Prezi Next now runs on HTML5.


Prezi Classic used Adobe Flash software which is gradually becoming outdated as it is considered unsafe, issue-ridden and not compatible with many technology devices. Your Classic presentations will still be available in your Prezi account however they are not compatible with Prezi Next.


While many Prezi fans say that Prezi Classic provided a lot more freedom when it comes to designing the presentation, Prezi Next has a lot of great new features and more potential for future development.


Now you will not have to scroll through your slides to get to a certain part of your presentation. You can create topics with subtopics within your presentation which means that you can easily jump from one point of the presentation to the next for a better user experience. The content with the cover will be visible only once you zoom into it. When you zoom out of one topic you come back to the general presentation overview and then easily zoom into another topic without the fuss of remembering the slide numbers. Each ‘Topic’ looks like a little circle with the title. For instance, you can add the topic and name it ‘What Is Prezi Next?’ and another topic ‘Benefits of Prezi Next’ zooming into the respective topic when you present it to your audience. If you want to go over a certain point during the Q&A part for instance, you do not need to scroll through slides to get to a certain visual. Therefore navigating your presentation is really easy.

There are two styles of topics available for Prezi Next: Stack and Planet. While Planet looks like little circles as described above, Stack is styled similar to PowerPoint presentation, so if you want to create a mini-presentation that is a great option.

Zoom Area

You can zoom into certain part using the Zoom Area function without adding a ‘Cover’, thus allowing you to create the same zoom-in effect like with Prezi Classic. However many reviewers note that Prezi Next has a lot more structure and less room for creating too much motion that at times made the audience dizzy. You can draw a ‘zoom area’ anywhere to highlight a certain part but this function will also let you create your good old Prezi Classic presentation.


Prezi Next is a new step forward when it comes to creating presentations. The major difference is that now Prezi will work on HTML5 as opposed to Adobe Flash software that gives a lot of issues. It will open a lot of possibilities in terms of future software development. Aside from that there are a lot of new features that were added to Prezi Next software.

Other important Prezi Next updates include fading any object or text, variety of new upgraded templates created based on your feedback, presenter view that allows you to see two screens (one with your presentation and the other with presenter notes), uploading PDF files with transparent background and much much more.


  • HTML5 browser player instead of Flash player
  • Viewer analytics which allows to check what slides or frames people are looking at most
  • Presenter notes
  • Collaboration tools
  • Much easier to learn and requires less skills than Prezi Classic
  • Structure is made up of topics and subtopics which do not reveal content until you zoom into it with sequence starting at the overview
  • Does not have the spinning option like Prezi Classic which often made people’s head spin
  • Ability to fade out objects and text
  • Ability to upload PDF files with transparent background


  • Prezi Next gives less level of control over the presentation and zooming movement when compared to Prezi Classic
  • Voiceover or music cannot be added to Prezi Next


Although you cannot automatically convert from Prezi Classic to Prezi Next format, the good news is, Presentation Geeks, being the geeks they are, are ready to take on this challenge and convert all your presentations to the new Prezi version.

It would be a waste to not be able to use these amazing new features and risk all your presentations having to be re-done from scratch. Simply contact us and we will transfer all your current Prezi Classic presentations to Prezi Next format in no time at all.

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