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Do you need a presentation that is going to help you stand out?  Do you need a striking new way to visually present your ideas? Do you want to be able to easily share, update, and make a remote presentation? If so, a Prezi Presentation might be exactly what you need. Our team of professionally trained graphic designers create hundreds of custom Prezi Presentations for individuals, teams, and organizations each year. Let us take care of your Prezi Presentation so you can focus on wowing your audience.

What We Do

We design Prezi Presentations online in our Professional Prezi account, but can share them as an online link, an offline link, or even to your Prezi account (if you have one). Prezi’s can include pictures, illustrations, videos, and motion graphics.  Prezi’s can be designed using your company’s brand colors so that the finished product looks like something designed by your in house team.


  • Development of a custom design Prezi theme based on your presentation goals
  • Inclusion of corporate brand guidelines
  • More Engaging & Persuasive than PowerPoint
  • Ability to share as an online link, embed in a website, or download to your computer
  • With Prezi Business Membership, get viewing analytics, create and cancel a shareable links, and embed results into Salesforce
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They put together an excellent presentation for us in Prezi and were very good to work with.
Debra Carbone
Debra Carbone
12:37 15 Apr 19
Presentation Geeks are amazing to work with. They easily met all of my expectations and needs. I cannot day enough they did an impeccable job helping my project really take off.g I appreciate their attention to detail and quick turnaround on my short deadline. Thank you to Justin and Presentation Geeks for turning my project into such a great experience!
Paul Coselli
Paul Coselli
21:09 27 Oct 18
Very high end top shelf design company! I have worked with others and they sell the best and service the rest. I brought an exiting PREZI that was "ok" and they created something outstanding with it. They came in on budget, on time and probably the best part was that the few edits I requested were quickly added and with a smile. My PREZI is used for a sales presentation and the responses from prospects has been "your presentation is unique and engaging" Priceless in the sales arena!!!!
Scott Trainer
Scott Trainer
15:50 03 Jan 19
I cant thank these guys enough I gave them a task at short notice they fitted my presentation in and dam they made it look so amazing i was blown away. Great guys to deal with highly recommend.Time zone was a bit of a issue as this made them have less time to complete the job but that didnt bother them they did it
Shaneen Kane
Shaneen Kane
04:29 04 Aug 18
Liz and the Presentation Geeks team delivered a fantastic presentation on a very tight schedule. I was under a tight deadline to get an old Prezi converted to the new format, and update the look to make it fit with our branding. They did exactly what they promised. If I could give them 10 stars I would.
Mark Redmond
Mark Redmond
17:27 10 Aug 18



You are probably an expert at what you do. Therefore you do not want a poorly designed presentation to leave a bad impression about your professionalism and expertise. Presentation is there to highlight your knowledge and make your pitch memorable. Hire professional Prezi experts to design the perfect presentation that will make you shine.


We design beautiful, memorable and powerful custom Prezi presentations for businesses and corporations just like yours that will leave your audience talking about what’s most important – your message. Let us design, redesign or consult on your next big project. We are experts at Prezi, but we do it all, and the best part? As awesome Prezi designers we won’t take credit, that’s saved for you. We offer amazing prezi design services catered specifically to you.

We know how important this pitch is to you and we won’t let you down. We will work closely together with you on your project. Your deadlines are our deadlines so we will never miss them. We have worked on countless Prezi presentations for businesses and corporations just like yours across the globe.


When it comes to Prezi, our Geeks offer a whole range of services. We are experts in both Prezi Classic and Prezi Next. You might want to share your presentation with your audience or on your corporate website. We will gladly convert your Prezi presentation to video with voiceover.

Well-prepared presentation will let your customers experience your brand through powerful visuals and will get instant attention. We have all the expertise needed to visually communicate your brand’s capabilities, experience and success stories. Save time preparing for that important presentation and leave the Prezi work to Geeks.

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