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Roberta Matuson is a sought-after presenter on leadership and business topics. Known as “The Talent Maximizer,” she is best known for her consulting expertise on the topic of talent in the workplace and has written many books on the subject including Talent Magnetism: How to Build a Workplace That Attracts and Keeps the Best. Here, she discusses her path and her top presentation tips.

Source: Ask A Presentation Expert: How A Talent Consultant Makes Her Presentations Successful — Prezi Blog

Prezi Tips

Do you need a few tips to get started putting together a cool Prezi for your next big presentation? If you do, you are not alone. No matter what your skill level we can all do with a few new tips to help design a cool Prezi.  Check out some of the useful Prezi Tips in this how to video.

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7 tips for finding a Prezi Designer

find the perfect Prezi Designer



According to author Jennifer J Britton, 60-72% of adults are visual learners while 12-18% are auditory learners. Why jeopardize your amazing presentation, with bullet points, and blurry images. There can be immense value in using a professional Prezi Designer to help you deliver a great presentation, but how do you pick the right one for your project? Here are a few tips:


  1. Get Recommendations

One of the best predictors of the future is the past. Do your homework to find out other people thought of their services. Did the final product meet or exceed expectations? Was the project delivered according to the initial timeline? Did the Prezi designers keep the client up to date throughout the project?


  1. Do phone interviews


Get a feel for who you will be entrusting your project to by conducting phone interviews. Does the Prezi designer take on projects of your size? Can they provide a few examples of past clients who may have had similar needs to yours? Will the Prezi Design company outsource your project, or work on it in house? This last question is important to understand, as you will want to make sure that you are able to speak to your Prezi Designer and ensure that they fully understand your vision when developing your presentation.


  1. Ask for an estimate

This may seem like an obvious point, but often times people end up starting a project which one budget in mind, and the final invoice turns out to be a surprise. Ask your Prezi design company for an estimate in a few different price points so that you can compare your needs to your budget. A good Prezi Design company should be transparent with their hourly rate, and make sure that you are aware of what they can deliver for your budget. Be aware of those who promise you everything without delivering you an estimate.

  1. Look for comparable Prezis

Have a look at Prezi’s that your potential Presi Design company has already delivered. Do any of them suit your presentation style? If not, have a search on the internet for Prezi’s that you like and ask your design team if they could deliver a similar Prezi? A great prezi design company should be able to provide you with some samples or a mock up of your presentation so you can get a feel of what the end product will look like.

  1. Understand the design process

Ho do you know if your Prezi Designer is going to be able to understand your concept, and represent it well with an amazing presentation? Shouldn’t they spend some time learning about what you do? Make sure that the design process includes some time to consult and collaborate with you on your project. Ask your designer if they understand the deliverables of your presentation. Although your Prezi designer is not going to be an expert on your topic, they should at least be able digest the information you are presenting, and be able have an educated conversation once reading your material. Design collaboration is the best method of tailoring your presentation to your exact needs.

  1. Don’t let price be your guide

Throw out the lowball bid. When it comes to representing you and your company, the last thing you want to do is invest money in a contractor desperate for work. They are bound to cut corners, to try and get your presentation completed. You should feel comfortable with your choice in Prezi Designer. If you are going to pay for a service, make sure that it is top quality, and that your end product surpasses your expectations.

  1. Go with your gut

You need to be able to trust that your Prezi Designer is going to deliver your presentation on time, meet your project needs, and deliver you quality service even after your transaction has been completed. You want make sure that you are covered for any last minute changes, and even tech support needed for the big day. Finding a company to help your presentation stand out from all the others is a not an easy task. Make sure that you choose a presentation design team that eliminates your stress by communicating with you every step of the way.

Best Prezis of 2014

A Ferrari?  Vacation on an Indonesian Beach? Nope. Nothing makes a Presentation Geek drool more than a beautiful Prezi. recently awarded it’s top Prezis of 2014 and there’s some great ones this year.  Presentation design is an art and some of these ones should be hanging in a digital gallery.  We don’t see these as competition… we see them as inspiration.


See something you like?  Want something similar?  See what PresentationGeeks can do for you?


Ladies and gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally come—it’s time to unveil the winners of the First Annual Prezi Awards—the best prezis of the year! We at Prezi have spent the past few days combing through your nominations. We looked through business prezis, impressive prezumés, creative educational prezis, and a bevy of beautiful designs… And, after much deliberation, we have finally selected the best of the bunch.

We could not have made our selection without your help. Earlier this month, we invited you to nominate and vote for your favorite prezis of the year. Thank you to everyone who nominated a prezi, and congratulations to all the nominees. Picking just one winner in each category was very difficult, there were so many terrific prezis from which to choose. We are so excited to see all the amazing work that the global Prezi community produced this year, and we are even more excited to see where the Prezi Movement goes in 2015!

And now, let’s get on with it—we are pleased to present the best prezis of 2014:



Creativity, hard work, and mastery of Prezi are all necessary ingredients when it comes to making the best prezi of the year. We are thrilled to name Agrimore by the designers at Mr. Prezident as the winner of this category. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!

Why we love it: This prezi not only has stunning graphics and a great overview but also a helpful voiceover—learn how to add voiceover to your prezis here.


We had a hard time choosing from all the awesome business prezis that our fans nominated, but in the end, the Measurabl Investor Pitch by Evan Rosner of Prezi Jedi emerged as the clear winner. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!



Why we love it: This pitch knocks it out of the park with a clear structure that outlines all of the main topics and guides viewers through the presentation. Learn how to structure your presentations effectively here.


The winner of the Best Educational Prezi award this year is Animas da Amazônia by Guilherme Criscuolo. Guilherme won a Prezi Award last year for his prezi about life under the oceans, and once again he’s back to teach us about wildlife in the Amazon rainforest. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!


Why we love it: The 3D backgrounds in this prezi bring Guilherme’s content to life—learn how to use 3D backgrounds here.


A lot of prezis this year utilized zoom to great effect, but this one did it best. My Love for Books, by Hedwyg van Groenendaal, effectively uses Prezi’s zooming capabilities to surprise and delight viewers. See Hedwyg give this presentation at a PechaKucha night. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!


Why we love it: We have no doubt that its dramatic “reveal” at the end left the audience with dropped jaws. Learn how to use Prezi’s zoom to make your presentation pop here.


We are honored to be supported by such a passionate, vibrant, and talented community of Prezi-makers. Some of our community members have taken their passion and talent to the next level, creating beautiful, reusable designs for the rest of the world to use. This year, the best reusable template to come out of our community is this Annual Report Template. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!



Why we love it: With loads of reusable symbols, this prezi is easy to customize for your own company. Create your own copy and start to customize it by clicking here!


We received a number of company overview nominations, and all of them were very impressive, but none were able to beat the Polish Institute of Electrical Engineering’s prezi, created by Ziload, when it came to the People’s Choice Award. IEL ZDIII has won the coveted title of “Most Popular Prezi of the Year,” thanks to the 300 votes it received via the Prezi Awards portal on our Facebook page. Love this prezi? Tweet it out!



Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to all of our awesome community members who created and shared the best prezis this year. We would like to extend a special shout out to our Independent Experts, who have been working very hard to make fun, beautiful prezis for everyone. Here’s to another year of awesome prezis!

Prezi Causes

Presentation Geeks heard about Prezi’s new initiative called “Prezi Causes” and we LOVE IT.  Such a great way to give back



Our new email campaign, Prezi Causes, will highlight some of the biggest problems facing the world today, and how you can be part of the solution without ever leaving your desk.

We’ve launched Prezi Causes to put world-changing power in your hands. As part of our community of 50 million users, you’re in a position to spread awareness and have a huge impact on the issues that matter most.

Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing a series of great presentations and ideas with the potential for global change. These ideas have moved us and inspired us—we hope they will do the same for you.



It’s estimated that nearly 300,000 tons of plastic debris are floating in our oceans today, much of it in huge plastic “rafts” or “islands.” In addition to the obvious ugly litter that washes up on our beaches, there are other problems to consider, such as chemical off-gassing as the plastic degrades, and the entry of foreign chemicals into the food chain after ingestion by marine life.

But a teenager named Boyan Slat has developed an unbelievably simple and viable solution to remove the five major rotating plastic gyres identified by scientists. Learn more about Boyan’s answer to this critical issue in this inspiring prezi.

Cool Illustrative Prezi

We came across this really cool illustrated Prezi in our travels.  Clean colours, solid design.  We liked it!  Geek approved!

Second Most Viewed Prezi of 2014

We came across this Prezi developed by “Prezi Team” which is all about using Prezi as a presentation tool which was right up our alley.  More importantly, it was actually the second most viewed Prezi of 2014.  There’s some great tips in here as well for all you Prezi nerds.  Our best tip?  Hire the Presentation Geeks to help you with your next big presentation


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