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Using a Motion Graphic Designer for Your Next Presentation

People say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, a moving picture (or moving graphics) can be worth even more. If you have a complicated idea or want to show how things change over time, or simply want to add some sparkle to your content, then using a motion graphic designer will help you every time. In this blog, we’ll look at why they are important and why our sales presentation and graphic design agency can help you wow your audience and get the results you want from your presentation.

We see motion graphics all the time:

at the bank, at fast food restuarants, on commercials, and on every online streaming video site.  This can't just be a coincidence.  Marketers know that motion graphics are a powerful tool that creates interest and memorability to your brand/message to an audience.  Gone are the days where custom motion graphics are only available to large productions with insane budgets.  Our team at Presentation Geeks have motion graphic desigers that can take anything from data to logos to concepts and bring them to life in an exciting motion graphic. These videos can then be implemented seamlessly into a PowerPoint to truly elvate your presentation. Now we don't do a lot of KeyNote, but here's a great example of how implementing a motion graphic can add a little pop to your existing deck.

The Power of Motion

Did you know that Psychologists have found that a moving image is more likely to grab our brain’s attention than a static one? That’s because during our long evolution, moving things might be something that would eat us, or that we could eat. So your brain is wired to go “hey! Pay attention to this!”

Steve Jobs was one of the masters of presentations. There have even been books written about his presentation secrets. He typically used a very clear calligraphy style, an uncluttered look and the careful but powerful use of motion graphics. Remember he helped found Apple but also, Pixar. He knew the power of motion graphics. So does every good sales presentation and graphic design agency.

Who needs Motion Graphics?

Let’s say you are in Marketing, Sales, Learning and Development, HR, or in a Franchise. So, you have something really important you want to tell an audience. You want to motivate that audience to do something. Or, you want to motivate that audience to buy something - either a product, or a service, or just buy into an idea.

It’s very easy to create long Powerpoint presentations, but that’s a mistake. You might be excited to tell your audience all the things that you have in your mind. You might have a great time. The trouble is often they won’t. The problem with huge presentations with dozens and dozens of slides is your audience either may not really follow your ideas (as it’s too much to take in) or worse still they, will switch off at some point (from fatigue or boredom). So, any sales presentation and graphic design agency will tell you that very long presentations can be a mistake, even if they look good.

“OK” you might be thinking “I never do that. I keep it short and get all the information across in a few slides”. Well, that’s fine, except if those few slides are crammed with complex information. Hands up who has never made a slide packed with text or multiple diagrams that the audience will struggle to read, at the same time as you are standing there talking over it?. How about those huge long bullet-pointed lists? Or those 12 point unreadable text boxes? Ever see Steve Jobs doing that? So, every sales presentation and graphic design agency knows very short cluttered presentations can be a mistake, even if they cover all your points.

Instead, a better and more effective way is to see if motion graphics can help you get your ideas across. Don’t forget, you can always send your audience detailed information after the presentation, or show them where to go find more.

Three situations that need Motion Graphics

A Motion Graphic Designer can be advantageous in three situations:

  1. You want to show change over time - like Sales or Marketing data, or improvements.
  2. You want to show how things relate to each other, like forces acting on a business, a market, a product or service.
  3. You want to illustrate a complex topic by breaking it down for your audience.

In fact, Motion Graphics can help in most presentations but we all know about keeping key points to three or four, right?

Now you’ve decided to use a motion graphic designer for your next presentation, what next?. Powerpoint and some other software tools have powerful motion graphics capabilities. So, just dive in and do some right? Well, you could but doing it all yourself isn’t ideal. You will get a better result using a sales presentation and graphic design agency. Well-designed motion graphics look great and add to the credibility of you as a presenter and - very importantly - what you are presenting. However, it’s really easy to get carried away with motion graphics and you end up with presentations that look cheesy, cheap or amateurish. The problem when that happens is, sometimes subconsciously, your audience will be judging you and your content. You don’t want their impression of you, or what you are saying, to be cheesy, cheap or amateurish.

You will get a far better result using an expert sales presentation and graphic design agency. That’s where the team at Presentation Geeks come in.

What Presentation Geeks can do for you:

You might have the most exciting information to give your audience - but unless you get that excitement in your presentation, you won’t be doing it justice. Your audience is lending you their time and attention and you must make the most of it. The expert team at Presentation Geeks will help you do just that. We publish our own tips and tricks and We know how to capture and excite an audience and motion graphics are one way to do that.

On the other hand, you might have some very complex or frankly plain dull information which is still important. It’s unfair on your audience to just give them an ‘information dump’. You have a responsibility to keep them engaged. The team at Presentation Geeks handles these situations all the time and will make sure your audience stays engaged and motivated to find out more and motion graphics can often help.

Finally - and this happens more than people realize - you may have a situation where some of your audience is likely to be sceptical or opposed to what you have to say. In this case, you are trying to persuade not just inform or motivate. Presentation Geeks have just about seen it all with tough audiences and motion graphics - expertly done - is one of several tools that can guide the audience into a new perspective that is the first step towards changing their views.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to speak to Presentation Geeks. We are an expert sales presentation and graphic design agency, that will help you get the results you want, whatever it is you have to say.

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