Vizzy Hard Seltzer

Vizzy, one of the fastest-growing hard seltzer brands in North America, is great at attracting new drinkers to their bubbly product. We drew from their colourful branding, eye-catching textures, and dynamic imagery in this presentation to showcase some of their new flavours in a way that POPS!


Hulu is one of the leading streaming platforms on the market. With an ever increasing library of original and curated programming available on any device, they needed a simple, but effective promotional kiosk style slideshow to promote their incredible pricing discounts for students. Using the contrast of blacks with a bright green accent, this deck showcases how simplicity always sells

Close up of a hand dropping a microphone with the words "How To Close A Presentation"

How To Close A Presentation

How To Close A Presentation Table of Contents Why The Ending Is The Most Important Part The goal of your presentation is to have the audience members remember the message and act on it. In order to effectively achieve this outcome, you must structure your presentation accordingly. You will need a strong introduction to set…